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The Galaxy M42 will have a generously large battery.


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The Galaxy M42 phone, which Samsung has not yet officially announced, contains batteries for certification by both German Dekra and Chinese 3C organizations. Both list the same components, and their official capacity is 5,830mAh.

The nominal value may vary from the list of regular capacities and can reach up to 6,000 mAh, which is a figure following the trend of the Galaxy M line, which offers excellent autonomy of use with above-average batteries.

Official capacity follows the trend of the generous battery of the Galaxy M line (Image: Reproduction / Decla)

The parts used in the Galaxy M42 are identified as EM-BM425ABY with a voltage of 3.86V. In addition to the composition of Li-Ion, the only other information available for certification is the charging voltage limit of 4.43V.

There are also rumors that the model will have a main camera of 64 megapixels in addition to 128 GB of storage.

China certification, parts manufacturer disclosed (Image: reproduction / 3C)

With the success of India’s Galaxy M family, it is not surprising that batteries for the M42 have already been certified in Asian countries, which took place in early October. Nonetheless, there are no predictions for device launches that will last until next year.

Source: MySmartPrice

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