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The new iPhone becomes "public" in the video. [atualizado: mais um] –


From the beginning of the rumors about upcoming iPhones, the other possibility is that the new device will be improved from the rear camera system so much so – so much so now Youtube Known in the technical world doll And a clone of future handsets with the infamous Triple Camera.

The fictional model is designed to support manufacturers that iPhones are always starting to produce for the official launch of new gadgets. Therefore, the most specific "proof" of the actual size of the handset.

Among the internet characters with their hands on them doll Of the new iPhone, Marques Brownlee MKBHD, Showing how the future can be. Gadget Physically:

IPhone 11? IPhone XI? anyway. Tick ​​tick tick tick.

In addition to "calibrating" a larger rear camera module with three lenses (one standard, one telephoto, one wide angle), the chassis shows that Apple should keep it in a new handset instead of replacing the lightning bolt. Pro-like USB-C port.

Not all new models available on the iPhone depend on a rear triple camera. As mentioned earlier, the successor of the iPhone XS / XS Max must own three lenses, and the next generation iPhone XR is only two cells, as can be seen on Brownlee's video.

channel Yield Treatment I also released an impression for the next iPhone clone that runs a custom version of Android that is sold in some parallel markets. In this case, however, the XS / XS Max iPhone will display all subsequent models, ie all three rear cameras.

The iPhone 11 arrives there and has a pre-release clone that breaks into the marketplace as usual. Welcome mine. Unboxing "iPhone 11" clone's

Another possible feature of the upcoming model discussed in the video includes two-way wireless charging support predicted by Ming-Chi Kuo to recharge other devices compatible with Qi standards such as Apple's Watch and the new AirPod. Behind the iPhone.

What is interesting is that Apple will not introduce new colors to the next iPhone to keep it in silver, space gray and gold versions. They are expected to be announced at a special event in September.

That said: Anyone who likes is better than the palms and does not like patience.

Updates to Rafael Fischman July 17, 2011 11:05

Without losing time, Luis Hilgen Teger Yield Treatment You just published another video. dummy (What he calls the "CNC model") is probably closer to what we actually see.

The idea is that such square cutouts are much smaller than they are now, mixed with the back of the device itself. It is still somewhat "tough" but certainly better than what we saw in the previous ones:

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