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The reporter broke the Globo rule and was reprimanded by the broadcaster.

According to TV News, Jornal Today anchor Dony De Nuccio scolded broadcasters for violating Globo's Code of Ethics.

According to information collected from the site, the reporter signed a contract with Bradesco Seguros and became the face of the bank from the video that was delivered to the employee.

That way, Dony De Nuccio broke one of his rules. "No member is prohibited from using the position or function of Grupo Globo to gain visibility or reputation, as well as influence others or gain personal benefits.

Faced with this situation, the journalist had to ask the bank to withdraw all images after being warned by the broadcasters.

Check out notes from Globo's TV news advisor.

"Dony de Nuccio has been involved in the production of audiovisual material that is focused entirely on employee training about a year ago and has been expressly forbidden to customers through public or closed TV, radio or the Internet. I did not talk to TV Globo.

Dony has contacted the contractor to ensure that the work is no longer available, considering that part of the production has been made public. And it will give you a commission paid to charity. I created a video because Dony believed he did not advertise. This is because we did not target customers or the public. Through Dony's description and the steps he has taken, Globo considers the case to be closed. But he warned the presenter that his understanding of the likelihood of this kind of production was wrong.


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