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Vague reason for emergency surgery in Whindersson Nunes

Stop in the operating room and scare the fans. Whindersson Nunes Good recovery. Over the last few hours, there has been much speculation about having him in the operating room.

Whindersson was operated for hemorrhoids removal. According to the newspaper Add, Family and wife, Luisa Sonza handled the procedure well. All are handled lightly.


Restoring the effects of anesthesia, he relieved fans of his health after surgery. He lied in the hospital room and talked with his followers.

"Okay, general anesthesia … I like the movement of my body, I thought I could not do it," said the doctor. "I only drink 10 years old." I do not want to sleep anything. 39, 1, 2 … & # 39; is over.I got up because there was no bullet.Now take a rest and wait until the hair is good and the liquor is good.He said.

This afternoon (16th), the writer said he hopes to understand the moment, although he gets out of the spotlight for a moment after surgery.

"I will run the grave in 25 minutes, I am serious, I was in pain, I went to the doctor and he told me that he had to be urgent, but that was all I needed. Who will say it, but my friend, you have seen me on Twitter or on TV that I'm not very good.I have worked a lot in the last few years.I'm tired.I'll have some time for myself, It was full! ".

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