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Varicose veins: Know Vogue Time – Vogue


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Winter is a season where vases and varicose veins do not interfere. As long as the legs are hidden in the clothes, the veins do not expand much. It is undoubtedly the best time zone. "From July to September it's more common to wear pants and lower temperatures, in this way the legs are more protected and less exposed to the sun's rays because UV rays can stimulate the dark spot, "Says Aloe Lamaita, São's vascular surgeon and vascular surgeon. Paulo.

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Another important point is that it is more convenient to wear elastic stockings in the cold. Stretchable stockings are a true torture because they emit a lot of heat. "Compression stockings help to circulate blood by applying pressure and are therefore essential after treatment," says Caio Focássio, vascular surgeon at Sao Paulo. Doctors also emphasize that peripheral vasodilation is low at low temperatures. In other words, less swelling of the legs and feet.

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The fact that the skin does not become black in winter is also beneficial for the treatment of varicose veins. Especially when treated with a laser. "The risk of sunburn on bronze skin is increased due to the absorption of laser light by melanin," says Aline Lamaita. "The pigment gives color to the tissue and is present in the skin of high or tanned skin types."

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According to the vascular specialist, patients often underestimate problems and treatment times. "It's common to come into the office if you think there is only a small chunk of wine to dry in a short time, but in many cases, there are microvarices, the nutritional value of the vines, and more meetings are needed. There is a time to open the leg. "Cláudia Fiorini, vascular surgeon at Alphaville (SP), says:

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Without symptoms, the vases the doctor calls the complex name of taleangectasia are very common: they affect 50-55% of women. "They are due to both the genetic and hormonal factors that can be exacerbated by the use of estrogen contraceptives and pregnancy," Caio Focássio says. Also, varicose veins, the swollen and twisty veins that lose circulation, are genetically and hormonally affected. "Women are more likely to develop varicose veins, because they are more relaxed than men because of hormonal effects," says Aline Lamaita.

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In each case, a treatment type is required through a combination of sclerotherapy (intravenous chemical injection), bubble, laser and radio frequency use, or a combination of techniques such as ClaC. "Combining non-invasive lasers with glucose injections is the most modern way to treat varicose veins and vines, especially when these problems come together," says Aline Lamaita. Depending on the degree of severity, surgery may be ordered. "Less invasive treatment that does not escape physical activity and work," added Cláudia Fiorini.

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