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What Commander Black Needles said

In a letter from the WhatsApp group and reserve army, Brigadier General Reinaldo Minati defended the end of the re-election, saying that the President of the Republic should pay special attention to his words and should not give up his beliefs. . Also, the commander of the country must resist the temptation to rule by laws and provisional measures, and argues that the progress of the state is the result of the efforts of the government as well as of the congress and courts.

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If Minati issued a letter entitled "Census of the President" and asked at the time what he should do to "a cadet likely to be a candidate for a Republican President" when he was ordered by a black soldier (Aman) at that time, Included "ideas".

Minati served as commander of the Army in Francisco Albuquerque (2003-2007) from 2003 to 2007 and commanded the Black Needles Military Academy (Aman) from 2001 to 2002. Bolsonaro attended Black Needles Academy.

The text reflects the opinion of the preliminary officials during the first six months of the government by bringing a series of "advice" to Bolsonaro.

"We think, but there are things we do not talk about, say, but do not write, we write but do not sign," General Minati advised. "Resist the temptations to be dominated by the decree and provisional measures that must be met in the minimum edition, and you can talk whenever you need without giving up your beliefs. Progress is based on the three pillars of the administration, the legislature and the judiciary. "

In recent weeks, in private and informal conversations, preliminary officials have focused on criticizing the tense climate of Bolshonaro's national governing. They were also especially annoyed by the publicly criticized comments by Carlos Bolsonaro on Twitter by his spokesman, Otávio de Rêgo Barros. "Pay attention to the" groups "that exist in every government: economy, region, military, sectoral, ideological, religious, environmental, productive, family, cultural.

Minati's colleagues praised the position of former Black Needles commander, including reserve Paulo Chagas. "In the general context we all agree with his idea," Chagas told the People's Liberation Army.

Former Commander of Black Needle: Full Letter


If I ask how a cadet who has the potential to become President of the Republic during my order in Amman should work, my answer will include the ideas outlined below.

Be accustomed. Be yourself. I am proud to recognize my limitations with my qualities and humility.

People who did not make mistakes do not understand correctly. Wherever possible, identified errors should be corrected immediately without bureaucracy or delay.

Words must pay special attention. There are things we think but do not talk about. Say it, but do not write it. Write but do not sign.

There are others who we think, say, write, sign, and recognize a signing company if necessary.

Resist temptations to be dominated by statutes and temporary measures faithful to the required minimum edition.

Please do not give up your beliefs and talk whenever you need.

Propose termination of re-election at three levels of public administration. Re-election agencies have damaged Brazil and have accumulated pay bills for Brazilians to pay.

The progression of the Federal Republic of Brazil is based on three levels of support: executive, legislative and judicial.

Do not give credit to the government and do not give credit to the government. Errors that occur. Each power must have its own quota.

Ultimately the loser or winner is the country. It is Brazilian people.

Pay attention to the "collective" that exists in every government: economy, region, military, sectoral, ideological, religious, environmental, productive, family and cultural.

Everyone has a lot to contribute to the interests of the nation. Learn how to catalyze your own potential and form government synergy.

Stay true to your campaign promises and fulfill your campaign commitments for a four-year term. Race is a background and many people can not prove it as fast as they want.

Use energy for good performance.

Ask God for the health and wisdom that will lead to the destiny of Brazil in daily prayer.

Brigadier General Reinaldo Cayres Minati

Commander Amman 2001/2002

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