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WhatsApp senior leaves Facebook after company reorganization announcement

Last week Mark Zuckerberg announced the Facebook Restructure project for privacy and encryption of messaging applications like WhatsApp, and it appears that the first step was given on Thursday 14th. Two of the company's top executives will leave the company as part of this reconfiguration process.

Chris Cox, the product director on Facebook, was the most important. Here, the most important application bosses on Facebook – WhatsApp and Instagram – and even Facebook itself responded directly to him. His position was so important that he was considered to be the most important person in a company called Mark Zuckerberg, and he was appointed as successor to his CEO position when the founder left.

In a statement, he said Cox was clearly not satisfied with the new direction of Facebook. A note posted on his page says, "This is a big project, and we need a leader who is delighted to be able to move in this direction," he says, not one of the people excited about the project. However, there is no official explanation for his separation. There is no plan to replace him. From now on, all leaders will report directly to Mark Zuckerberg.

The second executive left the high-level position of Chris Daniels, who held the leadership role of WhatsApp (and therefore responded directly to Chris Cox). He took office in May last year and had news that he had left with the start of one of the founders, Jan Koum. Prior to that, he managed the project to give connectivity to the poor and remote parts of the world.

There was no public statement about the departure of Daniels, but WhatsApp is at the heart of Facebook's new strategy. The application is the most popular messenger in the world, and if this is the path Zuckerberg will take, he must actually match his vision to the command of the application. In the past, there was a rumor that Jan Koum kept his spot because Jan Koum did not agree on how to follow the app. Facebook has become increasingly focused on WhatsApp decisions at key points such as encryption, privacy, and advertising.

Unlike Cox, Daniels' job was done by someone else. Will Cathcart, now the head of social networking site Facebook, is now responsible for WhatsApp. The dance of the chair was completed with Fidji Simo, who is responsible for the video area of ​​the platform, which assumes the direction of social networks today.

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