Monday , December 6 2021

Workers can get a loan of up to R$5,000.


For informal workers who want to stop receiving first aidThe government plans to create a microcredit program that expires at the end of next month. On Tuesday, the issue was discussed by Citizen Deputy Minister Onyx Lorenzoni with Central Bank Chairman Roberto Campos Neto.

Caixa Econômica Federal, the bank responsible for the payment of subsidies, is already able to offer a new line of credit of Rs 10 billion. However, this amount could reach 25 billion rupees if the government economic team implements the action being studied.

The loan amount can be between R$1,500 and R$5,000 for the beneficiary. The emergency relief shutdown has already been convicted by the Ministry of Economy in December, when the public disaster statute ends.

According to the government, the coalition budget no longer has the resources available to sustain the program. For this reason, we will focus on empowering informal people to work.

Next year 38 million Brazilians without aid

The government’s goal is to reach a group of “invisible people” who are in the informal sector and have not received official assistance until then and can be left without assistance from January 1st. There are at least 38.1 million people in this situation.

The government cited an example of an emergency aid recipient who spent money to buy equipment for work and defend against the creation of a new microloan program during the pandemic.

One of the measures under discussion to increase the amount available on the line from Rs 10 billion to Rs 25 billion is to increase the share of the resources that the bank should leave with the central bank. This is called a “duty deposit” and can be used for microloans.

In addition to microloans, the government is still trying to implement a new social program to replace Bolsa Família and insert more beneficiaries. He will be civic income, but the project was stopped this month.

Note: Estimated sickness benefit of R$1,045 may be rejected for this reason. Learn how to avoid it!

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