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A small amount of meat increases the risk of cancer.

Slicing bacon a day and consuming small amounts of red meat and processed meat may increase the risk of intestinal cancer. This shows. New research, Quoted by the BBC.

The study, conducted by Oxford University and funded by the British Cancer Research Charity, Eating red meat can be harmful..

Researchers Nearly 500,000, Included in the UK Biobank survey.

During the six-year study they found it. 2609 patients with colorectal cancer. Guess you can eat three thin bacon per day. Increased the risk of cancer of the colon by 20%..

Forty people per 10,000 people who were fed 21 grams of red meat and processed meat per day were diagnosed with cancer of the bowel. And every time you eat 76 grams of meat a day, 48 people per 10,000 live on cancer.

According to the British Health Fund, 76 grams of cooked red meat is about half of 226 grams of beef steak. Ham slices or bacon slices are about 23 grams of processed meat.

British Cancer Research Charities In the UK, 41,804 cancers can be prevented every year from 5,400 patients with cancer of the cervix., If people did not eat any processed meat.

However, Smoking is much more dangerous54,300 cancers occur annually.

The UK Executive Agency of the Public Health Department of the UK Department of Public Health Many people eat too much red and processed meat..

Experts advise people who eat a lot of meat to find a way. To limit it.

The UK Department of Health advises to eat more than 90 grams of red meat and processed meat per day and reduce it to 70 grams.

According to the guidelines of the British Health Insurance Fund, there are several benefits, such as iron and protein content, that must be balanced against the potential risks of red meat.

People can still eat meat and be healthy.

Processed meat such as bacon, sausage, hot dogs, salami sausages have been changed to extend the shelf life or change the taste. The main methods are smoking, drying or adding salt or preservatives.

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