Wednesday , April 14 2021

: Antibiotics with allergies:

If antibiotics are consumed frequently and take too long, serious allergies are caused. This applies not only to the entire group but also to specific preparations. More commonly called so-called. Cross allergy – As regards antibiotics in several kin groups.

Sometimes it is very hard, and if you do not help on time, you can be shocked and die. This has been warned by microbiologists in the World Awareness Week on the responsible application of antibiotics.

"Antibiotics act on bacteria, not viruses, so they should not record themselves, so when a doctor gives us a prescription, they do it so that they do not cause a bacterial infection so as not to destroy the virus," said a microbiologist, Professor Todor Kantardjiev, the director of the Center, said.

With hundreds of percent security, long antibiotics can destroy not only the antibiotic parasites, but also useful bacteria. It is needed for the intestines, skin and mucous membranes. And where there are no normal flora, there are dangerous fauna. Dysbacteriosis contributes to the development of fungal lesions. Therefore, when a person begins to suffer from mold on the legs and nails, the skin of the face becomes dry and begins to hatch. One of the reasons is that you may have overdosed antibiotics. As a result of these powerful preparations, destruction of the enteric bacterium ensures digestive disorders. For this reason, they are taken with probiotics or with certain yogurts as we have Lactus bacillus Bulgaricus or Kefir.

The preparation of other antibiotic groups can damage kidney tissue. It can have negative effects on the nervous system, reduce hearing and reduce blood clotting. Finally, antibiotics can interfere with the development of bones and joints. Many antimicrobial agents for pregnant women and children are definitely contraindicated.

The more times we take antibiotics, the more often we get sick and the more microbiologists become unanimous. It is a good idea to ask your doctor to make an antibiotic before the patient can administer the potent medicine. This can prevent the patient from being trampled by drugs that do not help him, and can be replaced with other drugs of the same type, leading to overdose.

Overdose of this drug leads to resistance. At this point they are dangerous because they can no longer destroy the bacterial infection.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, 33,000 people die annually in Europe due to antibiotic resistance, as microorganisms are resistant to frequent use of these drugs. The number of people around the world reached 700,000. If not, this problem is expected to kill millions by 2050. According to epidemiologists, the biggest challenge is to persuade people not to use antibiotics in cold colds.

"At the hospital, the patient is prescribed antibiotics without the need to avoid blocking hospital infections, which is more than 60% of patients admitted from the beginning to the end of the clinical pathway," Professor Todor Kantardzhiev announced. That means actually recognizing the wrong use too much. He pointed out that the doctor rarely made antibiotic labels. The antibiotic label contains the type of medication needed for the disease. These are the only drugs that produce sustained environmental consequences.

How can we take them safely?

Before starting to take prescription antibiotics, a wide range of microorganisms are under extensive action and should do their best for the time being. The price is generally higher. With these agents, the maximum concentration of organ and system infected with blood and germs is achieved as short as possible. They are low toxic and minimize the side effects of children and adults.

In order for the treatment to be effective, the capsule drinks more water but does not reduce its effectiveness with milk, fresh orange or grapefruit. It is advisable to limit the amount and calorie of the diet to consume energy to counteract the causative agent. Eat yogurt or drink kefir glass 30-40 minutes before taking the medicine. You can also take a probiotic. This way you can store beneficial microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. It is recommended that you stick to the prescribed intake schedule. If you need to take other medicines, you should specify the interval and interval between the doctor and the treatment. Forget alcohol during treatment. It can neutralize the effects of drugs or cause side effects. If you have allergies during previous treatment with antibiotics or other medicines, ask your doctor to evaluate your treatment.

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