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Botev – Loko 0: 0, live in the second half

Plovdiv Botev and Lokomotiv play at the national arena "Vasil Levski" at 0:00 in the Bulgarian Cup final. More than 20,000 fans from both teams take their place on the stand and revert their favorites in the historic finale. Before the meeting began, "Everything About Plovdiv for All Stadiums" and the four Botev, Lokomotiv, Maritza and Spartak clubs in Plovdiv were unveiled to audiences and featured a huge poster of their wishes Has been released. Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian and Greek co-candidates to participate in the 2028 European Football Championships or the 2030 World Cup. The teams of the two teams created a nice atmosphere for the stadium. The players of both teams came out wearing "Plovdiv – the capital of Europe, 2019" shirt. Loco fans were late for the match because they had trouble moving to Sofia. The official lodge is the President of the Republic of Rumen Radev and the mayor of Plovdiv Ivan Totev.

Before the game was over, the game was a bit overwhelming about black and white and there was tension due to the actions of both teams. The first risk was danger to Botev in 7 minutes. Lazar Marin, on the left, headed the goalkeeper by Antonio Buutov. Rocco reacted with Mitko Iliev's stroke. Mitko Iliev was blocked by a yellow-black defender. The game was interrupted in the 8th minute and the stadium was applauded in honor of Canary legend Dinko Dermendjiev, who left the world a few days ago. In the 14th minute, Roccamo missed a new opportunity. Momchil Tsvetanov got in touch on the good left side. Ojbolt was able to back to attack the ball. At the 31st minute Lokomo's defeat was wrong and Vutov was fired, but it was too small and too small to make Lukov difficult. In the 36th minute Rocco organized a dangerous attack. Tsvetanov was dragged to the left with a long pass but concentrated sharply but could not find the correct Buna. Botev confronted Terziev with a remote jerk. At the close of the first half, Tsubatanov's sly centering knocked out the crossbar of Boekek goalkeeper Daniel Kaiser.

Early in the second half, Botev fans nailed Chico's huge poster in his hand.

Botev (Plovdiv): 22. Kaiser, 2. Pereira, 3. Pirgov, 5. Dimitrov, 24. Marin, 18. Terziev, 17. Baltanov, 8. Nedelev, 66. Kardoso, 7. Tonev, 39. Vutov

LOKOMOTIV (PLOVDIV): 71. Lukov, 50. Tomashevich, 15. Besarov, 6. Ez, 20. Petrovic, 34. Barnovich, 91. Boina, 7. Tibetanov, 14. Ilya Yev, 12. Oblert, 77. Alaritz

Yellow Card: Cardoso / Botev /

Look at the atmosphere of the terrain and the stand.

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