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Bulgaria | Ivan Kostov's book "Testimony of Transition" will be reissued.

Ivan Coste

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Former Prime Minister Ivan Kostov's "Transition of the Transition" will be reissued with a larger picture than the first one. It was announced in an interview with Bulgarian National Radio that Ciela Publishing House was authorized. A queue to buy signature books from the prime minister last week gathered at the presentation last week.

"This book is based on many facts, papers, numbers, statistics, and data, and the testimony is not a story to suggest my thoughts, but I tried to testify objectively and honestly. We will be able to move forward, clean up the past, and move forward from the fog. "

"I wrote this book for people who did not have a transition or were very stupid, it's my personal story," he added.

But despite the upcoming second run, he said he received a negative evaluation of the book. It's complicated enough to not read books from defamation, but you are at your library. "My remarks are that today politics is still being created as a morale for conversion." Fear is not to expose these scams, and if the government has a misconception of conversion, then why do we find explanations of why we belong to the least developed countries . I will go forward. "

In his book, the former prime minister said he found many myths through a trick on the fact that pensions were not opened from the full misunderstanding of the meaning of privatization. "The myth of change is that Philip DiMitrov has shrunk," Kostov said.

"I admit my mistakes," he said in a book, saying that a complete privatization balance had to be made, sold and sold under certain conditions, One of the big scams will be revealed, "he said.

According to him, the transitionalist was a post communist. He had to stop thinking that he was not responsible. This change was a bourgeois counter-revolution of the socialist revolution. What is democratic formation in a communist society? How do you deal with communism and political parties? How can democracy create its own foundation? Hard work, political preparation, a strong economic team, but little understanding of politics and few security issues. "

"It was a great honor for economists to see the situation so bad for Bulgarians in the first half of the 1980s since the Communist era that it would not be able to serve and it would have bad consequences.None of these people obeyed the regime, Dimitar Popov and the government Philip DiMitrov, the second economic crisis in the country that failed to reform and manage, "said Dimitar Popov, In an interview with BNR, Ivan Kosotov commented.

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