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China Expands Daimler Ownership – Technology


In the future, there will be more and more news that connects incompatible partners. When Geely Chinese took over almost 10% of Daimler, Germany was in trouble, but the Chinese were confident they would not attack a larger part of the company's stock. Then the bosses of interest were not ready and had to be caught up in a description system that was not yet developed.

Now the situation is changing, but Daimler is probably the person who searched for a Chinese who was known for his deep pocket. Dieter Tesche acknowledged that Geely is negotiating to expand cooperation, despite German authorities taking steps to protect China from the threat. Fans buy shares in their own companies, including cars, to prevent unwanted foreign buying. Only the Chinese have the potential.

Gary's president is Daimler's largest shareholder.

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"At the event Daimler's CEO, Tseche, said," The countries pursuing industrial policy are generally not competitive, so no action is required. "

Daimler's president refused to comment more on admissions, but said he was "negotiating on another topic on a larger scale," Reuters reported.

We recall that in February 2018, Li Shufu, founder of Geely, paid $ 9 billion to acquire 9.69% of Daimler shares, making Chinese companies the largest shareholder. Since then, the two companies have been negotiating, but the joint venture is a joint venture for joint travel services.

A close relationship with Shufu, a year before the deal was concluded, believed that one or two manufacturers would survive in a new competitive environment and firmly believed that unity among car makers could survive.

Geely is seeking access to Mercedes-Benz technology for electric vehicles and trucks to enable Chinese companies to compete with Sub-Siberian Empire's stringent emission reduction requirements.

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