Thursday , March 30 2023

Cornelia Ninova sees a "political blow" in a survey of BSP MPs.


The investigation of BSP MPs does not bother us to believe their innocence. Thus, BSP's Cornelia Ninova commented on an indictment of two members of the BSP group, Elena Yoncheva and Georgi Mihaylov. She saw this "political strike on the investigator".

Kornelia Ninova, President of BSP: They are blaming Elena for money laundering around the CCB. Since when did CCB be investigated? Two years. Why is this stage happening now? After Elena revealed the cum gate to Haskovo and Delyan Dobrev answered with such an attack. After making a movie about the fence. After investigating road construction.

She urged Elena Yoncheva to continue the investigation, suggesting that the next day the BSP MP will announce a survey of construction corruption on the coming days.

In an accusation against Georgi Mihaylov, Cornelia Ninova has responded to his activity on a recent vote without confidence in the health domain.

Kornelia Ninova, President of BSP: How did he not know that Professor Mihailov was in the group for two years? When a vote of confidence came, he began to report facts about the state of the health system and suddenly demanded immunity for years.

Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said Borisov said "a majority is a majority" and that the opposition can not participate in tax increases, for example in automobiles.

According to Kornelia Ninova, the BSP's proposal for Budget 2019 provides measures to combat poverty and improve health care systems. She described it as "changing the model in the water".

"I do not see a war with anyone," said Cornelia Ninova, a proposal for BSP's internal tension. She admitted that there were people who wanted to get the "old lord" back at the party.

BSP maintains the trust of voters in the party, Cornelia Ninova said.

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