Sunday , February 5 2023

Djokovic Isner, Ronaldo clapping – Tennis – Man


Novak Djokovic signed John Isner with a 1: 14 2: 0 set (6-4, 6-3) when he joined London's ATP final.

Serbia has started the best way and there is no doubt who is better in court.

Djokovic literally dropped crumbs in Isner's game and overcame him in the fastest way.

Naawak Jokovich

Source: Gulliver / GettyImages

Golden Globe winner Cristiano Ronaldo and gentle colleague Giorgina and her great son Ronaldo Juniors applauded the performance of two O2 stadium tennis players.

At some point in the game the camera caught a bouncing tennis ball in the direction of Ronaldo and the Portuguese football player tried to catch it but failed. And Twitter commented on his experience, "The legs were better."

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