Monday , January 30 2023

Dow plunged nearly 600 points due to Apple ::


The Dow dropped nearly 600 points on the back of Apple.

Photo: Reuters

Blue chip index Dow Jones Industrial Average The stock fell sharply 599 points on Monday. Apple, The US dollar and the global trade worries that the investment sentiment has shrunk have been reported to CNBC.

Technical indicators Nasdaq Composite Went 2,8 of its value and returned to the campus area where it first entered in October.

Wider index S & P 500 After the financial subsystem sunk, it dropped 1.4%. Goldman Sachs.

In a late deal, the core index is bottoming the day after Bloomberg News reports that the White House is distributing new legislation on automotive duties. General Motors (GM) stake fell 0.5 percent.

book Apple Since then, it has decreased by more than 5%. Lumentum Holdings, Face recognition technology development Iphone, Lowered its forecast for the second quarter of fiscal year 2019. Lumentum Alan Low said one of her company's biggest customers asked her to "substantially reduce the supply of her product." Stocks in Lumentum plunged 32%.

Performance degradation Apple Pressure on a wider technical field. share alphabet And Amazon Respectively, down 2.7 percent and 4.3 percent, respectively. book Amazon It also traded near the Sword area, with a price drop of around 20% compared to the 52 week peak.

Subfields of S & P The 500 years were traded in the correction zone after declining 10% from the 52 year high. Almost 70% of the shares in the sector are under adjustment.

Price General Electric Chief Executive Larry Kulp said: "We fell by 7.2% and fell below $ 8 for a while. CNBC, He added that it is urgent to cut down part of the company's debt and plans to do so by selling assets.

A strong dollar Investors pressed stocks because they were worried about what could be the cause of the company's multinational interests. The dollar index was 97.58 points, the highest since June 23, 2017. The US currency was the highest in a single year in both the euro and Swiss franc.

Price pound Down 0.91 percent to $ 1.2856, Euro It traded at 0.8736 pence per pound.

In the commodity market, oil prices turned to the red after selling to the local market.

Futures trading US crude oil WTI The dollar fell further 26 cents to close at $ 59.93. This deal has not declined for 11 consecutive days since trading in New York 30 years ago.

Futures trading Brent crude They reduced the price from 22 cents to $ 70.40. On Friday his value reached $ 70.18 per barrel, the lowest closing price in seven months.

gold It also continued its downward trend and fell to its lowest level in a month. Precious metal gifts have been closed from $ 5.10 to $ 1203.50 per troy ounce.

Today, the bond market did not work on America's Veterans Day.

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