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Draw an artist with both hands at once (video)

Video: YouTube / rajacenna

Some artists draw with their left hand, others draw with their right hand. Drawing with both hands in one hand for a young Dutch artist is not a problem in making realistic portraits, Reuters said.

Rajasana van Dam, 25, says, "It's not boring and boring.

Thanks to her skills, the video of the Jutsu site, which featured singer Taylor Swift and actress Selena Gomez, quickly watched, BTA reported.

Van Dam says it takes about 40 hours for a real-life photo similar to a picture.

Rajasana van Dam Destiny: YouTube / rajacenna

At the age of sixteen, the artist inspired by Italian street artists, began drawing sketches seriously with colored pencils and gel pens.

Left-hander Rajasana van Dam has been creative with his right hand for about six months.

In addition to painting famous people, the author likes to create fantasy scenes. We also do commercial orders.

Rajasana van Dam has transformed his career into his profession, but he does not rule out the possibility of acquiring new skills.

"I'm learning the piano, but I'm not Mozart," says the laughing artist.

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