Wednesday , January 27 2021

Friends, colleagues and politicians in honor of Maxim Minchev in the book of mourning (photo)

Friends, colleagues, public and politicians have expressed their respect for Maxim Minchev in an iconic worship service in front of the BTA building. Due to the pandemic, a book of mourning was placed outside the front door where people left flowers and wreaths in honor of the head of the agency.

It reminds me that Maxim Minchev was hospitalized for several days with COVID-19, but the doctor was unable to save him. Age 67.

President Lumen Radev said, “Society and Bulgarian journalism are losing great figures and experts who have left a mark on the development of agency journalism in Bulgaria.” We will remember him as a person with extensive knowledge and a clear vision of the development and independence of this field of journalism. A man of great appearance and kindness and reaction. “

“We have lost one of the symbols of Bulgarian journalism, an incredible expert and colleague,” said Vice President Iliana Yotoba. Personally, I have lost a very good friend.

Yotova added, “We have been working with him for a long time, but we have been working intensively, especially in the last four years when we have brought together Bulgarian media from around the world.” In his memory, according to her, the initiative should continue. The vice president added, “I used to personally call her by his name because one day he was both an engine and an engine and became popular with our compatriots and where Bulgaria lived.”

Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova always treated each other with very warm feelings. She called Maxim Minchev “an outstanding expert and the person who led BTA with dedication and dedication.” Thanks to his activity, Sofia has been several times. Pandakova added that they are promoting our city to the world as a venue for prestigious international events. “He said we will always be grateful, but most importantly, he was a good person and friend and we will miss him a lot, Fandakova added.

“Maxim was an outstanding head of a responsible state agency, and showed that, to his own extent, reforms can also be made in the state administration,” said Solomon Passy. Atlantic Club in Bulgaria “.

“If public opinion has turned upside down and NATO has shifted from taboo topics to national consensus, Passy believes this is mostly due to Maxim Minchev’s efforts. Maxim has many other talents as writers and journalists. Whether Maxim travels to write or not. Or I have no idea if I’m writing for travel. He has been an example of how to travel for generations and how to get the most out of it for himself and society.”.

In everyone’s opinion, Maxim Minchev has been one of BTA’s most active bosses in over 120 years of history. He proudly stated that this institution is a Bulgarian temple and hundreds of years old journalism school. Every year he organized a world conference of the Bulgarian press somewhere in the world or in our country. Last year was the 15th consecutive meeting in Albania.

As Secretary-General of the World News Agency Council, Maxim Minchev brought 200 journalists from 100 countries to Sofia last June for the 6th News Agency Conference, the largest media event hosted in Bulgaria.

Undoubtedly, he can be called a forerunner with a justification. From 1992 until he was elected head of the BTA in 2003, he served as a reporter for the Atlantic Club. During this time, he created a serious media lobby to convince the public about the benefits of Bulgaria’s joining NATO.

Since the early 1990s, with Solomon Passy, ​​Maxim has been one of the driving forces behind the idea of ​​inviting Pope John Paul II to Bulgaria. In 1994, the two also led the Vatican delegation. Eight years after this first invitation, the Pope arrived in Bulgaria. During this apostolic visit, Maxim Minchev was the head of the International Press Center.

Konstantin Kamenarov called Maxim Minchev “big, beautiful, smiling, smart”.

“He always helped him with what he could, who he could. Maxim was an altruistic man and dinosaur in journalism, but in the best sense of the word dinosaur he was a dinosaur. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer such people, so we get him badly. You will miss it, “said Kamenarov.

“This year marks the 40th anniversary of our acquaintance,” said Venelina Gocheva. “He was one of the first to start teaching me, but he taught me something very important. He has good eyes no matter how people look at you. You have to smile and be nice and still. They one day I will thank you.”

Maxim was a great friend, great journalist, and expert we all admire, but most importantly, he was a big-hearted man, Maxim Behar said. He left a lot, but above all he was kind to others.

On behalf of the National Assembly’s Cultural Media Committee, the book read aloud, “A brilliant man with a big heart has left us. Maxim Minchev daily proved his destiny to be a journalist with his heart, expertise and inspiration.” Is helpless despite sadness. It is the loss of this talented writer and wonderful man who dedicated his life to the truth, knowledge, and virtue of moving the world forward. “

Anyone who would like to express their condolences can visit BTA today until 17:00.

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