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Hail of the country – Bulgaria

H In many places in our country, short-term intensive rainfall has fallen to hail this afternoon. Hazelnut-sized ice Hazelnut struck parts of Kardzhali and showed pictures of people posted on social networks.

The storms of Pazardzhik and Plovdiv have caused small hailstones in the village of Stryama, Rakovski municipality.

Hagulishka descended from Momchilgrad this afternoon.

The residents of Krumovo and the people of Kuklen near Plovdiv show tremendous hail in the region.

Hail-sized hail goes down to the village of Yagodovo.

In the northeastern part of Bulgaria, the Hursovo village area in Shumen grew.

A strong storm hit the Sliven area. Sometimes the light of the wind reached 100 kilometers per hour.

Columns in July of July – In many countries, heat has replaced storms. Today's highest temperature is measured in southern Bulgaria. Usually the record holder is Sandanski. 36.5 degrees were measured.

Meteorologists warned that Jaguar is creating conditions for sudden storms and hail. Doctors do not overuse the sun and warn that temperatures should not exceed 25 degrees.

"Over 25 degrees of temperature puts strain on your body as well as your clothes, so be careful with air conditioning. Avoid direct sunlight at certain times," said the General Association of Practitioners. Georgi Mindov said.

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