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He does not have a computer, but he is currently CEO of Google.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai grew up in Chennai, India, with little use of the phone and could not be a computer or internet problem. This time, however, helped to understand the importance of technology.

Pichai's family waited five years before they could have a phone call. And when I got one, my neighbors got to use it.

"This technology has become a common device and people have come to call their children and showed how much technology will be," CNN's Pichai said.

The young man did not have a computer until he moved to the United States from Stanford to receive a scholarship. The rest is history.

He holds a master's degree from the University of Engineering and later received business training from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Askie worked for Applied Materials and McKinsey before joining Google in 2004. Where he was involved in several posts on the Chrome browser and was the product manager who was responsible for the operating system department. In 2015, he served as CEO.

Asked if he believed the American Dream was alive, he said, "America still has many opportunities."

However, immigrants need help to get more people access to these opportunities. They say they have potential.

"If you look at the technology industry – the bigger technology company, many of them are immigrants – our technology leadership will come from our ability to attract the best computer scientists. It says.

Answering misleading questions, Sundar writes a ranking on Google.

Answering misleading questions, Sundar writes a ranking on Google.

"No" is a phrase that changes the direction of the interview and provides the desired job.

He appoints CEO as an opportunity. But it was not that he asked when Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin offered him a job.

"I was busy building the product and I did not even know where I could go," says Pichai.

Young engineers, who are responsible for the company, have faced serious difficulties in terms of protecting their privacy and important employee retirement.

"The CEO's job is to be a senior ethics officer because technology has a big impact on society. I think this is an essential part of my job, but I think ethics should be a priority in every organization." Sundar wanted.

As users become more and more concerned about online information, Ask and Google are looking for new ways to protect it.

In difficult times, he stipulates protests by the company's female employees about sexual harassment at work. They claim that Google has avenged the protesters. Doyle says it's important for employees not to feel that the company is returning in any way. According to a young engineer, investing in the development of hired women is the most important thing to gain more qualifications and support.

However, if you are committed to gender equality, you should appoint many women.

Askie thinks that learning to listen to the rest is his most important lesson.

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