Friday , August 19 2022

Hurricane Baba! Galena blew up the public with a shocking confession…


Galena enjoys a creative longevity and reveals a decade later she believes she will still be active in the music world.

Unlike many of her colleagues who quit her career, Galena admits that she has no intention of leaving the stage soon. Moreover, if she is now called a mother hurricane, in 10 years she can easily become a “grandmother hurricane”. She continues to sing and is healthy to make people happy.

The singer thanked the fans for the celebrities of Pop Folk and reminded them that since the dawn of Pop Folk, many colleagues have been recognized for their contribution to popularizing the genre. “I want a new generation to meet and admire the performers who have laid the foundation for folklore and have fought for this position today,” said Galena.

The hit star declared the genre in which he appeared as “a special organism with the ability to evolve and change according to the dynamics of life.” And she wonders in which direction she will develop in the years to come.

Despite her enviable career, she has a dream that has not yet come true and is a duet with her’favorite artist’. The name is still unclear, but fans admit that it doesn’t seem to be her colleague from Pop Folk.

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