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Ilon Musk, sensor mounted on human brain next year


A lot of people are wondering what's behind Ilon Musk's unknown "other" company, but the New York Times material reveals what the plans are. Nerve signal. And they appear to be from science fiction movies.

The Musk-sponsored company claims to develop a "seam-like robot." Insert the sensor deep into the human brain.

So far, a mouse test with 1500 electrodes implanted has been performed. When he goes to trial with people, Neuralink hopes he can help blind, deaf, or heavily severed people. Of course, as Muss has repeatedly said, he believes that connecting our brain to a computer is ultimately the only way we can handle the evolution of artificial intelligence. In other words, his plan is about something very big.

Serious exposure hopes Neuralink will still begin research on human subjects. In the second quarter of next year During the presentation, the small convexity in the lower right corner of the picture shown above is the size of the sensor thread that scientists are actually trying to implant.

According to the article, flexible thread bundles are about a quarter of the diameter of human hair and are implanted into needles to avoid blood vessels on the brain surface. The built-in sensor captures information and sends it to the receiver on the skull surface. From there he goes by radio – Ilon Musk said he could connect Bluetooth information to the skull. Current implants require drilling a hole, but researchers hope to use the laser in the future to avoid "nasty" vibrations.

The plug itself is worn behind the ear, wireless receiver, battery and other hardware.

Whether you can work with people is unknown, and whether or not the wires can withstand is unknown. According to Msk, his 4×4 mm chip is capable of 10,000 read / write electrodes, 1000 times more than the number of the best brain interfaces available today. Parkinson's disease treatment.

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