Monday , February 6 2023

Impact on farm for new boss! – Lightning surprise


Unlike Feralita's "real" viewers who knew that one of the missing farmers would get a chance to return to the show, the farmers shared their doubts about the development until last night.

And as one of the most prominent women became more and more constantly believing to appear among them again, everyone prayed that it was not Sofia's harsh Christina. After the unprecedented triple-deceder match at Hristina, Radilena and the twin Jonah (Yoanna), Mrs Sofia won the second chance to win the battle and again 100,000 Leva. Her appearances on the farm were expected to go as expected, but some of the still awake athletes have a notorious passion.

Their lack of positive emotion was noticeable to everyone, and the immigrant Simeon even admitted to her that she had prayed that she would not return. But the bigger shock to everyone was the news that Christina was not only coming back but that she would be a farmer that week. And if they did not believe it at first, this was officially confirmed when Ivan arrived at the farm after the duel. The week will certainly be nervous because the new boss will have a heavy management system that will give negative feedback to the boss.

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