Friday , October 15 2021

In this country, charging Tesla is more expensive than gasoline vehicles.

Tesla has already reported that Australia’s supercharger network is more expensive to refuel than conventional gasoline vehicles, reported by automotive publication WhatCar.

According to them, the company’s claim that the cost of refueling with a supercharger is “lower than the price of gasoline” is not true with the recent rise in high-speed fuel prices. According to the Tesla website, the Model 3 runs 100km for $7, and the conventional similar car for $12.

This estimate includes at least three false numbers. That is, the amount of electricity the Tesla Model 3 uses, the electricity price of the Tesla Supercharger, and the price of gasoline.

Tesla launched a $250 bottle of tequila, which sold out immediately.

Tesla launched a $250 bottle of tequila, which sold out immediately.

It can only be ordered in some US states.

The recent increase in the supercharger price to 52 cents per kilowatt hour is well above the 42 cents per kilowatt hour listed on the company’s website.

That said, the most efficient Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, consuming 18.8 kilowatt hours per 100 km, according to the government, also costs $9.98 per 100 km with a supercharged station. According to a government website, the cost of traveling the same streets as the rival BMW 330i is $8, with an average premium fuel price of $1.38.

So the BMW 330i is 18% cheaper than driving a Tesla. With the Lexus IS300h hybrid, the fuel consumption per 100 km drops to $ 6.76. This is about 31% cheaper than the price of a Tesla with a supercharger.

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