Wednesday , June 7 2023

NASA records an unprecedented self-explosion in the Earth's atmosphere.


The Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS), a four-space universe project launched by NASA in 2015, discovered a self-explosion on Earth's night and made it possible to better understand self-healing according to an article in the Journal of Science. .

The mission received high resolution images from NASA in the nocturnal aspect of the planet that informed NASA about the energy conversion process that occurs in various astronomical situations in space, including the earth's magnetic field.

This is the first time scientists can observe this phenomenon due to the flow of particles arranged symmetrically in the form of a queue in a "quiet version" of the chaotic activity of the sun side of the Earth's magnetic field. "The more we know about these prostheses, the more we can prepare for external events that can be on the Earth or somewhere," says Roy Torbert, deputy director of MMS.

In October 2015, scientists who have already recorded details of this phenomenon in this part of our atmosphere have presented a new vision by showing the softness of high-energy electrons and seeing a kite shape on the dark side of the earth. It runs at a speed of over 15,000 km per second .

The surface of the earth is protected from the high speed electrons that escape from the sun with the help of a magnetic electron umbrella and the constant rain of the proton, whose tissue slides the particles as much as the channel length and eventually returns to space, The accumulation of these particles in large quantities can cause confusion in the communications network and electrical systems.

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