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Necrologist Acad. Lachezar Traykov: The drama insults the brain and every day for brandy … – BLITZ


Academician Lachezar Traykov is the world's leading expert on Alzheimer's disease. She was born on January 4, 1959 in Sofia. A graduate doctor who graduated from a French high school and graduated from the medical academy. He started his career at Pirdop's hospital. In 1988, he received his graduate degree from St. Naum Hospital in Sofia and received a major in neurology. In 1993, Professor François Boler of France invited his team to the Enri Montor University Hospital in Paris, where Lachezar Traykov was seven years old.

He deepens his research on dementia, adheres to his doctoral degree, and recognizes the diploma printed by the French Mint as a professor. Return to Bulgaria in 2000. From 2009 to 2013 he is the Managing Director of Alexandrovska Hospital. In 2017, he was elected "Medik of the Year", and a month ago he was elected a scholar in the field of "medical science". The neurologist warned that drama is an insult to the brain and wants a bribe. All of this and much more he said in an interview with

Staticism shows an increase in stroke deaths, is stress only the main cause?
Certainly not. When talking about stroke, we must first point out that we must understand and talk about ischemic stroke. Risk is the most important factor when talking about frequency, statistics and mortality. These are some heart conditions such as arterial pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, alcohol, smoking, overweight and fixed, and rhythm disorders. Therefore, these risk factors are not adequately controlled to increase cerebrovascular disease and stroke mortality. Young people say they underestimate the fact that they have these risks. Unfortunately, when one stroke occurs, this is the late stage of cerebrovascular disease. This means that a few years have passed before something can end.

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So what is prevention and what are the symptoms?
You may be 30 years old without symptoms that you think have high blood pressure. In order to reach the normal limit, blood pressure and measures must be taken. The normal limit is that people under age 60 do not bleed to over 140/90. Anyway, it is not too low. People with hypoglycemia – people whose blood levels are low throughout their lifetime and who generally do not suffer from stroke. Once again, it once again confirms that high blood pressure and lack of control are the most dangerous components of stroke. And Bulgarians underestimate it. In Bulgaria, hypertension is treated like a flu, and it takes about 10 days to go back to normal and it is almost impossible to stop when you decide. Absolute total error. The same is true for cholesterol and diabetes. people! When an ischemic event such as a heart attack or stroke occurs, everything is meaningless.

Do you have data on how many Bulgarians are getting a stroke in a year?
Why was not the statistics updated long ago? Because strict and valuable epidemiology costs money. Unfortunately, the data received from the NHIF for the people being treated is uncertain. We are led to a diagnosis made in clinical pathways and do not reflect reality. That is, it is reported. – The best in reality.

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What if the stroke is already underway?
Here is a second important direction other than prevention. People need to know that they should arrive at the nearest hospital as soon as possible when they are in an acute phase, that is, when they have a stroke. These are all universities, provinces and some local hospitals. It is important to know that the treatment window for stroke is 3.5 to 4 hours. This means that the time to open the arteries in the heart and not affect the patient is 6 hours and the brain is 4 hours. In other words, are there any symptoms related to the nervous system? Speech or language impairment, limb paralysis, facial distortion, dizziness, facial distortion – should not be passed by itself and should not be expected. you. Go to the hospital without underestimating the condition. Do not wonder why we are increasing mortality and why stroke is increasing.

You said one of the risk factors is using alcohol. The recommended weekly dose does not damage the brain or it may not.
The average mature human organism has a dose that can do it without any serious consequences to the brain anyway. It is no coincidence that the drink is 40 ml in the western countries. We talk about solid wine. This is the daily dose. Of course, individual tolerance is different, but if going through regular use, alcohol is a substance that creates dependence two years later. There is such an idea that drinking brandy every day in Bulgaria is not a problem. Yes, but here Rakiah is 100ml. Exceeds almost three times the toxic dose. In other words, what you want in a 100ml brandy is not what you want. Whether or not you feel them does not matter. Chronic alcohol abuse causes brain atrophy. It is not a voice, but it certainly leads to serious dementia. There are people who cause epileptic seizures in a glass of beer. Of course, there are people who live alone upstairs drinking a liter of concentrate. But anyway, if it falls for a reason for any reason, make it red wine. In recent years we have been very American and very fast. The American beverage is whiskey. And if you do not drink whiskey, there is something you can get. It is not a Democrat. Or you are not a freelance thinker. These are very cheap traps.

What do people underestimate the "micro" of the effects of micro-stroke and stroke?
It was underestimated. For a very long time neuroscientists thought that a stroke occurred when the limbs were numb. However, when this symptom is present, the "hole" in the brain is good to call it. The organization died there. And so far there has been no way to fill these "holes". The micro inserts were less than 1 cm in length and did not exist for a long time. 30 years ago the scanner did not show less than 15mm. Now you can see all of 0.5mm with magnetic resonance. And we realized that when you get a 15mm stroke there are twelve different microinverses around it. A small stroke is 15 times more common than a paralyzing stroke. A small blow is a pioneer that something bigger will happen. However, the effect of microinjection is serious. Does not cause paralysis. I'm deaf. In other words, microinjection is inevitably associated with a slow and very cunning decrease in mental ability.

In this regard, is there a way for a person to delay the aging of the brain? Is it possible?
Yes, it is possible. First of all, strict control over the risk factors listed is required. The second element is physical activity – 5-6 walk per week is enough in the park. The third element – nutrition. Fatty Fat – Reducing Pork. This is very important. We must adhere to the Mediterranean diet – more fish, fruits and vegetables, and grains. The fourth factor – mental activity, especially reading. However, a Latin American or so-called sight drama does not help the brain at all. This is an insult to the brain. In this series, motion is developed at a rate of 3 scenes in 5 minutes. But TV can be an exclusive way of brain fitness – for example, a value discussion. In summary, any kind of sloth is not suitable and unhealthy. As age grows, exploring new books, new destinations, new movies, new software should not be feared by new phones or computers. Yes, it will cause some discomfort for a while, but the brain will call it "Ura."

And the fifth element – social contact. Unfortunately, in our country for the elderly, social contact is exhausted by grandchildren. This is a traditional occupation of the Bulgarian pensioner. However, walking around the park is free. Yes, do not give up and close expensive movie and theater tickets. Avoid alone. View and discuss the movie. There is no better exercise than talking and discussing topics. Good exercise is for the brain.

Where is Bulgaria related to the world in the treatment of dementia patients and Alzheimer's patients?
Good place. Everything in the world is available in Bulgaria. But first, I want to emphasize that there is no genetic miscarriage in Alzheimer's disease. We already know the full mechanism of brain damage in this disease. But we still do not know what the cause is. We know that nerve cells have no place in it and there is a protein that kills it, but we still do not know why it exists. But there is good news here. In the summer there was a world congress of neurologists on Alzheimer's disease in Chicago. In an 18-month clinical study, it was initially shown that "bad" proteins in the brain were removed when drugs were given during that time period. This is a remarkable step. This drug can reach the market in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease and treat the patient. It will probably take two to three years. This is an intravenous drug twice or three times a month.

So far, we have talked primarily about older patients, but how do they affect the overuse of electronic devices in children's brains?
Many people are unknown and there are many questions neuroscientists ask, but there is no answer yet. However, all activities are multifaceted and can be said to be done individually. But let's take a computer game as an example. If you are a champion in a game given among young people, you will feel very smart. Perfect delusion, I will disappoint them. Not long ago, Japanese scientists explored most of the computer games on the market. None of them stimulate mental development. Strategic games stimulate the brain and activate only in the first game. Then the brain says, "Do not bother me anymore." Not to mention other things that kids spend their time with. However, other games and television aimed at children should be marked as "approved by a child psychologist or neurologist association". One more thing – parents should make sure that their children should not appear all day on the screen. Parents should not take the place of their own care and care as a tablet to take care of their children and finish them.

Finally, has the human "black box" already been discovered?
no. We still do not know how the famous black box works. We understand and understand more and more fun, but there are many challenges remaining.

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