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Police for protest: There are no serious cases but they are in custody.


Police for protest: There are no serious cases but they are in custody.

Veliko Turnovo continues to protest in Burgas.

There are no serious incidents in the demonstration but there are people who are detained. I get help from the assistant secretary general of the police department. Commissioner Hristo Terziiski during a briefing in Carolina.
"There are now demonstrations in Veliko Tarnovo, Burgas and Kavarna. There are no serious incidents, no serious violations of public order, and some road sections and highways are short-term obstacles. It was allowed, but it was released through negotiations with the protesters, "Terziiski said.
According to him, the longest obstruction of the road was carried out in the Koolata border crossing area. After proper police action, the road was released. "Ch. Commissioner Terziyski, quoting Focus.

According to him, the demonstrations continued at that time but were much less robbery.

"Currently, four or five people are in custody, and the most serious thing is in the SDRD," the police chief said.

A 20-year-old boy is about detained protesters and an urgent hurricane police officer. Ivaylo Ivanov, director of SDRC, stated that there is a real risk of accidental injury to civilians and police due to the actions of youth. The face is the 98th set, little boy, crime scene. Ivanov explained that a swift police process against Wigan was created.

Hulino Terziiski asks if there are two groups of citizens in Pullik that the Liulin Expressway will be shut down tonight. "They were in Kl. Alexander I Battenberg" There are about 50-60 people who want to protest in the Dragichevo road crossing area, but they have enough power to prevent clogging. This is a very serious traffic from the provinces in Sofia ", added Director Terziiski.

Protests in the capital lasted for almost three hours. Meanwhile, mothers of children with disabilities gathered the evening before the Cabinet meeting. They announced that they would continue the protest without blocking the road until Valeri Simenov's resignation was accepted.

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