Sunday , April 18 2021

Ralitsa Paskaleva is signaling the FBI for suspicious filmmakers – article

Stalke Life Star Ralitsa Paskaleva sent the FBI from the heels of Americans, providing mega productions with a lot of money for criminal records and European young actresses representing filmmakers.

Ralitsa Paskaleva contacted the man about the cast for his role. He promised to pay $ 1,000 a day. He explained that the film will be filmed across Europe and across the sea as a mega product on the subject of human trafficking.

"The first thing he suspected was that he wanted to call him by phone. Then he began to lie."She said to the actress," Hello, Bulgaria. "

After talking to the man in question, Ralitsa decided to see what he was. Filmmakers with suspected charges have a fatal criminal record that they can find online. Under US law, information about the conduct of people already convicted may be disclosed.

"This guy has two to four sentences about robbery and drug use and sale. He complained about sexual harassment and one of the victims had to pay $ 40,000"The actress says.

All the information she collected was called by Pascal directly to the FBI.

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