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Stars of two drops of water Stephen Ilchev dropped opera …

Stefan Ilchev quit the opera for the money.

Stephen Ichev

May 17, 2019, Friday, 8:00 pm

Stefan's career was a turning point in his dazzling sight.

Stefan Ilchev of this year's "Two Drops of Water" season can become a famous opera singer who will play aria on the world stage if he does not give up this job..

Known as the greatest imitator of Lili Ivanova, she completed the opera praise in the Conservatory of Professor Blagovesta Karnobatlova-Dobreva. She graduated from Tamino's role in Mozart's "Magic Flute," and as soon as she began her graduation ceremony, she began receiving job offers at home and abroad.

During this period he held a solo recital with about 1000 Leva in the opera of Skopje.

Stefan's career was a turning point in his splendid sights. He was asked to play in The Magic Flute, co-produced by the National Opera of Sofia and the National Opera Theater of Skopje. Within three months, Ilchev did his best to rehearse it to the best of his ability.

And he says that art, like most artists, should not be measured by money, but the money of his performances disappoints him. During the entire rehearsal period Stefan will not receive pennies. Once he finds out that his work is not really compensated, he He does not want lifelong opera singers and poor church mice..

"The attitude of the executives in Sofia's opera is" enough "because the wages of the opera singers of Bulgaria are more than the symbolic ones, and soon their imports will be without the theater and there will be no more singers."Ilchev said.

So he decides that it is better to sing foreign songs in the piano bar till a small time of night, but he wants to get in touch with money in the music circle. His imitation talent quickly makes him popular and people start talking about the boys singing. Lily Ivanova. So, in 2007, Stefan is finally at the forefront of the industry's true breakthrough.

But ten years later, Il Chef still can not boast of success and his songs do not turn into a hit for the masses. More famous is the duet with folk singer Emilia and Preslava, but not very special. So when you get an invitation to join "Drops", Stephen is in the seventh heaven of happiness. Thanks to the show, the mass public knew about him and his talent.

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