Thursday , June 1 2023

Unexpected Invitation with Queen Elizabeth, Megan Markel, Doria Ragland


that. Megan Mark is a new favorite of Queen Elizabeth I knew the literal day after I married Prince Harry. Then came the first promise of two people, the Duchess who did not accompany her husband.

And there was speculation about the disagreement between Megan and Kate. The basis is precisely The queen's two attitudes. And now, when Elizabeth II began marrying Prince William, she gives another reason to think that her sympathy for her is stronger than her Middleton.

In honor of her respect for Megan, the Queen plans to offer her mother Doria Ragland a celebration of the royal family Christmas. Traditionally holidays are spent in Norfolk manor. Such an invitation is not true yet and violates all the rules.

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There are only family members on the Christmas table and there is no place for outsiders. You must be a parent. even Kate Middleton's mother and father were not invited. Queen and Christmas.

Megan's mother was the only family who attended the wedding with Prince Harry. But everyone did not feel at home, but they showed a warm attitude.

Megan Marcel, Prince Charles and their relationship

What is the relationship between Megan Marcle and Charles Charles?

No, it's not Harry.

And there is no doubt after visiting Kensington at the end of the summer. Dorya won the sympathy of the royal family. During the holidays, we will also know that this sympathy will be stronger than the protocol.

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