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VW and Peugeot are giving up on small cars – Automotive News

So-called segment mini cars have always been stable in Europe. For some time, it has accounted for about 8-9% of car sales, but every year car manufacturers are struggling with this kind of vehicle. Concerts do not benefit much from minivans due to ever-increasing environmental standards and requirements for new car technologies in end products.

The German of the Volkswagen Group and the PSA group of France made a speech on the topic, and their views on this field were far from pink. Volkswagen Group President Herbert Diss complained of overly stringent environmental standards to be introduced in 2020. His concern is that mini-cars need to be equipped with many new technologies, which will make them expensive enough not to compete in the market.

It is currently the most affordable VW model sub model in Germany! It is 11,000 euros. According to Diss, if the car meets the new environmental standards, the price will increase by at least 3,500 euros. The company believes that this car will negate many potential customers. From the PSA's point of view, the production of sub-compact Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 can be discontinued in 2021.

Toyota will then take over the Czech joint venture. And the French can only give up the production of mini cars. Transfer of production to another factory and improvement of technology may not be profitable for the company. Experts say that the only possible salvation of a minivan is related to full charge, but this technology is too expensive and can arise from a farther perspective.

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