Wednesday , June 7 2023

What a match! Switzerland can not imagine Belgium, "Red Devil"


Switzerland has created an unimaginable situation and has risen sharply from 0: 2 to 5: 2 in Belgium and League Group A.

The two teams started playing against each other in Zurich, and the host started the nightmare.

Eden Azar's brother Thorgan found a "red devil" two minutes later at the penalty kick point, scoring again in just 15 minutes and the Belgian doubled their advantage.

In the second goal he scored a terrible shot at the edge of the penalty area and shook his opponent's defense. It looked as if the guests were going to succeed, but it did not happen.

Rodriguez blocked the penalty kick in the 25th minute, and after only six minutes, Seferović had a good pass on his way to put the ball into the empty corner.

After scoring a terrible goal in the penalty area of ​​Senterovic, the referee threw the lead in the 44th minute and the referee changed the score to 3: 2.

In the 62nd minute Elveny had Schakiri centered in the penalty area and increased the Crusaders' progress and Seferovic hit the final five to two in the 84th minute to make a hat-trick.

Mabuu found him in the box and he did not make a mistake. After the success, Switzerland was the leader with 9 points, and Belgium was the same, but second place. So the "Crossusaders" will be on the final table and will be closer to Euro 2020.

Switzerland – Belgium 5: 2

0: 1 T. Azar 2
0: 2 T. Azar 17
1: 2 Rodriguez 26
2: 2 years old Perovic 31
3: 2 Sephirovic 44
Elves 61: 4
5: 2 years old Perovic 84

Swiss: Sommer, MbaBu, Elvedi, Kloze, Rodriguez, Zuber (87 – Benito), Frühler (78 – Zakaria), Jack, Fernandez, Shakuri, Seferovic

Belgium: Cortois, Company, Paint, Alderveirelde, Munière (90 – Oregi), Tilemans, Witzel, Chadli (65 – Batshuai), T. Azar, E. Azar,

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