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$ 100,000 hidden treasure hidden in Vancouver

Treasure hunting came to Vancouver by the creators of the Goonies without traps and ghosts.

Gold Hunt started treasure hunting in three cities in Canada, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

In each hunt, treasure hunters will have the opportunity to be buried in secret places worth $ 100,000.

"It's almost like experiencing Goonies in real life," spokesman Chris Cromwell said. "Or like an Indiana Jones style adventure."

The company sells maps and a series of five clues to guide where X is.

Packages with individual $ 25 maps and $ 45 clues will be available to those who joined at 12:01 am on June 1.

Cromwell told CTV News Vancouver, which has developed a project that has been funded by friends and private investors over the last three months.

"We have been treasure hunters since we were little, we grew up and were able to find real treasures," he said.

But what about people trying to steal pirates or treasures without a map?

"It's very unlikely," Cromwell says.

The buried box contains proof of purchase that qualifies the buyer for $ 100,000 and includes gold coins and silver coins instead of the full amount.

Vancouver and Alberta can only be the beginning of hunting, says Cromwell.

The company is expanding its ideas nationwide to provide $ 1 million worth of gold and silver coins over the next three years.

"Obviously we should start with these three cities and see how the climate looks, will we be culturally accepted? Canadians are ready to find treasure on this scale, scale and scale?" He said.

To participate, you must be a Canadian citizen and be of full age.

CTV News Calgary's Kevin Fleming's report and Michael Franklin's file

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