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A huge victim of Hydro, who aims to recover all power by December 31 after the BC cross storm

Electricity is expected to be restored by the New Year's Eve in all areas noisy by storms on Thursday. The wind is more than 100 km / h. This means that some people do not have electricity for 11 days.

The BC hydroelectric plant says 600,000 customers lost power in the storm, knocked down hundreds of trees, power lines were blocked and roads blocked. About 90% of these customers recovered power within 48 hours.

According to the recovery plan, many areas of Vancouver Island must have strength again today or Thursday, including Nanaimo, Lady Smith, Tofino and Ucluelet.

But Prime Minister Satunya must have the power to fully recover the Salt Spring until December 29 and December 30. Paner Island in the southern Gulf Islands is expected to be restored on December 31 as scheduled.

Circa 9,700 B.C. Hydropower customers did not have power on Christmas evening.

BC Hydro spokeswoman Mora Scott said that most of the powerless people are on Vancouver Island and the southern Gulf Islands. "There are over 90 employees on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands," Scott said. "The damage is tremendous. But in the rest of the region there will be hundreds of individual outages, so it will take time for everyone to regain strength. "

The storm is B.C. Over two decades after the hydroelectric power station, more than 800 people are working to recover. The Hydro statement said. The storm destroyed about 300 poles and 170 transformers.

The crews were far away from the Canadian Atlantic and Alberta.

With hundreds of outages, hundreds of lines, power poles, and transformer replacements have to be done individually. – With The Canadian Press

Hydro Declaration on Power Failure due to Storm on December 20, 2018 BC.

Power Recovery Chart

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December 24, 2018: The huge storm on Thursday will keep about 20,000 homes on Vancouver Island.

"The area hit hard is Duncan, where we have over 4,000 customers, Gulf Island, Nanaimo and Qualicum." Hydro spokesman Ted Olynyk said on Monday. "It will take several days to restore power to the most intense people," he said.

At the height of the storm, more than a third of the customers on Vancouver Island were not in power. Hyde's battleship map of BC painted the whole island.

"This is one of the things that happened when the storm hit once in decades," Olynyk said. "This is a historic event, bringing a crew on Alberta and the East Coast.A long time on the island I do not recall bringing a crew outside of Bc. It is evidence for. "

Salt Spring Island has a lot of damage. The line was broken and Olynyk said there were many broken ends.

There are 40 power lines on Stoney Hill in North Cowichan.

"And it is the total devastation of the Hilliers-Whiskey Creek area near Coombs, basically people treat it like reconstruction, too many downlines, too many broken bars," Olynyk said.

Gabriel was struck by a climb. There were a lot of big trees, and the electricity supply to Gabriola was affected, Olynyk said. By Monday, some power had been restored.

Power was restored to Tofino and Ucluelet, but B.C. Hydro is still handling fewer outages in this area.

"The storm continued on one occasion in 2006. It did not stop because it looked like a storm that lasted from November to January, but the difference in 2006 was a strong event and the next event was in another area, I was able to move the crew easily.

"The storm storm was so wide that we could not move the crew quickly, and the damage was so extensive that we had difficulties because we could not bring the crew from the Lower Mainland as soon as we could, the entire south coast."

In the Cedar-Yellow Point area, a helicopter was brought in to repair the power line. Then the crew had to go down to the farm area to get to the pole.

"We had to use an excavator to find out where we were going to go, and fortunately there was an excavator, our big bucket truck was there in the mud, which slows down," Olynyk said.

The crew is working for 12 to 16 hours. Some help you spend your vacation. In this situation, silver lining is patience and appreciation.

"People are finding out that they are working late and are dropping hot chocolate and food to the crew," said Saltny. "The Salt Spring people drop things off at the office and pass them on to the crew," said Olynyk.

BC Hyde keeps people at least 10 meters away from the downed line and keeps reminding them to call 911. "We can not believe what we see," Olynyk said, "while the trees are still in line, people are getting the chance to cut down on firewood." "We came to where some sawdust remained, and the trees were essentially cut off, and we are in great danger of doing so."

By 1:30 PM, DriveBC said on Monday that 80% of Salt Spring Island roads are accessible, but dangerous places are noticeable.

Half of Saturna and Thetis is still blocked, as is 80% of people in Galiano.

In contrast, 95% of Pender's roads were passable and, like everyone else in Mayne, there were some risks.

Mainroad South Island is working with B.C. Hydro cleaned the roads in the southern Gulf islands, restored power, and sent the necessary generators, water and equipment.

All ferry terminals are open.

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