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After Raptors wins Game 5, Drake targets the Bucks co-owner's daughter.

The Toronto Raptors beat Milwaukee in three consecutive wins and no one fired more than Canada's top hip-hop Drake.

Being the largest unofficial fan of Raptors, former Degrassi actor turned on the Toronto rapper and the Toronto rapper found it rude to cheer up the team and despise the other. Mallory Edens, co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks, Wes Edens.

She wore a shirt featuring Drake's hip-hop nude Pusha T's face and sat next to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in Game 5.

The Fiserv Forum of Milwaukee is also reportedly Ringing Part of Pusha T's music during pre-game warm-up.

The roots of the terrible feud between two hip – hop stars begin in the mid – 2000s when Po 's T was in a battle with Drake' s rap mentor Lil Wayne.

The competition eventually ended in 2011, and Drake ended up in the Pusha T lyric match line.

Since then, Pusha T's song has accused Drake of not writing his lyrics, and the Toronto rapper says his rival is trying to maintain relevance as a brag of drug dealings.

As a result, Drake gave birth to a child who was never openly aware of his birth.

However, Drake was not ashamed to refer to this jab from Edens while changing his Instens profile picture to his own image.

He also uses his Instagram story and writes, "Everything is fair to war and war," and I believe that starting with a part of the hip-hop tower started by the music festival Drake, I will get tickets to the sarcastic festival. actor.

After changing the Instagram profile picture to Mallory Eden, Drake, co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks, posted this on the Instagram story.

Raptors fans have a lot to talk about this new Drake drama while waiting for six games on Raptors and Bucks on Saturday, and others have already taken social media to share their thoughts on court drama.


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