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Alaska lab delayed disease test after earthquake damage


Alaska, Alaska – A 7.0-magnitude earthquake in the midwest of Alaska has damaged state health laboratories, slowing scientists' ability to test tuberculosis, botulism, and other dangerous diseases.

The Anchorage Daily News reported that the November 30 earthquake had damaged 13 of the Anchorage facility's safe laboratories and required sending samples of bacteria to laboratories in California and Washington.

An endogenous wall made of a layer of fiberglass cracked during an earthquake.

Bernd Jilly, director of the Alaska State Public Health Institute, says laboratory scientists help special walls to prevent infection during the test.

Jilly said the rooms are disinfected and it is uncertain when the $ 200,000 repair will take place.

He said the delay in testing does not present a "serious risk" to public health.

Information source: Anchorage Daily News,

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