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Apex Legend Reviews | PC gamers

Need to know

What is this? F2P battle royale FPS set in Titanfall universe.
Expected to pay Optional cosmetic micropayment for free play
developer Respawn Entertainment
publisher EA
Reviewed on Intel i9-9900k, GeForce 980 Ti, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer? 1 person in 3 persons, 60 people in total
link Official site

We now press H to pay respect. My good friend JohnnyBadNews, who I have never met, has told me that I have found a 3 step scope for my Longbow DMR. Selfless: I found it on the inventory of the dead player, and I said I was using Longbow, and that it was there. I carry it and the prompt appears on my screen. "Press H to thank JohnnyBadNews." My index will pass over the grenade key and promise to be firm and hug. I think we all know what H means.

I should not feel this way. Apex Legends is similar to most battle royal games. You come from the heavens to stay in a series of increasingly shrinking circles that fall from the sky into the islands, sweep floors with weapons and equipment, and overwhelm 60 people for endless conflict. However, Apex Legends is still a product of failure in the genre, and is the most accessible and uncompromising battle royal experience and sophisticated response.

Draw three people

Apex Legends was built in the Titanfall universe, but nothing so interesting. All the guns have trajectory, the Titanic is gone and the wall is leaping. The gun responds and feels good after the Modern Warfare, and it feels like I'm mathematically thinking about the shot when I'm taking the distance and the drop in the same second second I had previously aimed. I am partial to wingmen. It is a hand cannon with a slow reload and masterwork that feels like a cowboy's single action army.

Almost all guns have unique personality. Lever Action The Peacekeeper shotgun fires individual grains in a star pattern while the faster EVA-8 Auto injects 3×3 squares. Triple Take is another snare rifle that mitigates the pressure of landing long-range tracking shots by throwing three horizontal thrusts with every trigger pull.

Most importantly, it is helpful for everyone, such as semi-automatic rifles, automatic rifles, LMGs and SMGs. Weapon statistics have been improved by finding and attaching attachments scattered throughout the map. This is where I thought Apex would lose me. Inventory management is still the worst part of battle royal. I hate to sort through PUBG's complex scopes and stocks, but Apex has more automated equipment than I already have on compatible weapons. You can dig and exchange several attachments between your weapons. Or you can choose a smaller range if you like. However, you can let Apex act as an autopilot and choose the one that suits me best.

Pinging's darkest magick is the ability to play with strangers while playing with friends.

If everything sounds familiar so far, Apex does not deviate much from the PUBG formula. Respawn is a special interpretation of the idea that makes Apex so special. In addition to listing a variety of characters with unique abilities, communication is the best example. Lack of solo mode (though Recent leaks It indicates that you are on the way.) Launch is intentional. Apex focuses on a single target, adjusts its abilities, or promotes closeness among team members by donating a dedicated LMG to a friend who needs help.

Enter the ping & # 39; system, a unique and object-sensitive tool used to pay attention to locations, items, enemies, and objects that may be of interest to your squad members. I do not want to go back to Fortnite or PUBG or all games unless the whole industry has implemented something like this forever in every multiplayer game. Amen. It is simple and refreshing.

You use it most often to mark where you are heading, but if the reticle is on the enemy, the marker will turn into a red crosshair and your character will let them know that they have found someone. I pinged the open door and I was told that someone else was there. When you ping a score from a dead player's inventory, such as JohnnyBadNews, the reticle not only displays the color and icon of the item, but also the character calls a specific range. When pinging an open loot container, characters can make different voices than ping closed, and all eight characters have a line for every item and weapon. You can also recognize this by performing a ping ping. By pinging ping-ping-well, God can show mercy to your soul.

Pinging's darkest magick is the ability to play with strangers while playing with friends. The first few wins were in quiet, quiet riddles to call enemy positions and share loot without telling or typing something. While this is a boon for accessibility and toxicity, there is a Text-to-speech communication option for unfortunately offensive or offensive players in massively multiplayer games like Antex at the top. And Fallout 76 releases are also available without text chat.

In the silence of the Apex Legends, it is a miracle of video games that it begins to be routinely undermined by Fortnite racist corps, from strangers to winning Notting.

Another spinning & # 39; fun

Passing through the islands of Apex is an endless joy.

In general, the most frustrating part of learning a new battle royal game is that the drop provides one squad control while the other two wait until you are ready to put it. And because every team member has a fierce competition, it's easy to see a competitive wind blowing. It is more important for you to recall where the other team is landing than to survive the long gloves that follow you landing. Do not tell Jumpmaster. Respawn, press H to calm an unpleasant feeling.

Once you get to the ground, moving along the Apex islands is a constant joy, a playground that meets cliffs, huge skeletons and building blocks. It reminds me of the small, crowded arenas of the original modern war and once the halo of blood of Halo was immeasurably extended. The terrain runs into a deep valley with sporadic cliffs and calm sporadic cover, with biomes to the largest Madm deathmatch arena where the sun sets in the rocky swamps. No single area is a visual masterpiece, but its diversity helps you adapt yourself as you move between regions. If you want to do another fast dive towards the next circle, as if the map was actually compressed, it would be a great feeling to cross one of the 12 balloons that touch the ground, though it is difficult to cross.

Sliding is a more reliable method. If you squat down the slope, it will move like a toboggan. Apex shows the technician's ceiling and playfulness. All short stairs provide a free-speed strike, but sliding is also as important as a defensive posture. This is a way to change your physical condition and avoid a fire. Friendship ended on the wall. Now it 's my friend who slips and falls.

And I'm always slipping somewhere. The balloon is over, drops of water suddenly appear on the map, clusters of buildings and a loot box collapse the landscape. With enough distraction, I still move the map exactly the same way. Apex avoids Fortnite's Tilted Tower crowd problem by displaying an arbitrary hot spell in every match and sending a supply line with more floating across the map. As a result, everyone tends to be unpredictable and the metaphor of Apex's maps is pleasantly uncertain. Brief sniper battles between skeletal town buildings can be interrupted by a cunning shotgun crew, or ambushes under a northern waterfall can be counter-ambushed from creeping crews through balloons from above.

Fights are always fast but not aggressive. It has the ability to slow down and allow retreats and reflections, providing a bit of breathing space before the next showdown. When things get too hot, Reyes is out of sight for a few seconds and can retreat. The Pathfinder can create a zipline across the entire arena. Gibraltar can fire a dome shield to protect the Chalk Point and give the team a second chance to react when caught in an open state.

But most characters have blind spots that return to team communication. When the Wraith falls into the void, the enemies disappear completely in their sight. A friend's ping can help. Corrosive forces against enemies moving through his gas clouds gain the Threat Vision. Not all abilities can be effective immediately. Gibraltar can cover the entire squad with a mortar attack. Mirage's ultimate goal is to make it invisible and sprinkle a decoy to make a very good bait test. It's easy to see.

This is not an overwatch. This ability adds taste and character but is almost never a game winner. All characters have the same health and movement speed. The emphasis is on precise aiming and smarter maneuvering with little help from the ability to relieve or induce pressure.

Apex's health pool will feel a little bit bigger for those who are raised about the waste of time in Call of Duty and Titanfall games. A person wearing armor in level 3 will explode several full shotguns, or absorb the entire SMG magazine. This is intentional.

Because the most satisfying killing is against the classic FPS instinct. It is a good strategy to slowly use an item that heals by attacking enemies from far away. Use a downed team member as a real shield – Apex has made this "knuckle shield" a real item, but it can not be activated when it goes down, so you can play a more active role in this close step. I saw a clip of a player filling a small room with only spoils to catch an interesting squat inside the parasitic gas trap by blocking the doorway. It was a terrible and creative plan that I wanted to think about. Weapons are as effective as Apex wisdom, and deeper health pools require players to think about what they can do to gain any advantage beyond shooting.

Apex has built a new industry standard with impressive accessibility options and communication tools that flood with a stable, smart design.

Resilience also leads to death by the novelty of battle royal. Bring all removed teammate flags and you can resurrect them on all respawn stations. I can hardly find this station in a safe or convenient place, but I never inspire the way to revive me when I grow a stranger. I was in second place with no value by the half – time poets who respawn three times in one fight. Hell, the first game I picked was when team members were cleared. They cheered and angered me in the text chat when they dropped out of their first circle. Trying to immerse the team in the game can be as satisfying as aiming for confidence in number one.

Some problems are driving momentum. It makes it difficult to distinguish the lineup of Apex Legends and FPS by unfolding the smooth look of the future-oriented military aesthetics of the Borderlands and Taitano series. Apex is not at all noticeable unless it is an impressive list of women and colors in the first legend. Ranking mode is good because team members who leave the middle are not penalized.

Performance caused more difficulties than expected in hardware. Apex complements fast reflections, raising mouse targets to over 100 fps. But in order to erase 90fps with my 980 Ti, I need to play at 1920×1080 from the lower setting of the 2560×1440 monitor and the island should render with a slightly cloudy color of brown and green. PUBG It was far from the initial technical nightmare. If you want to look great without sacrificing your competitive advantage, you will need an upgrade.

Apex Legends is a trick. It is a free combat royal game announced and announced on the day as a cosmetic small transaction that does not have an initial access stage, has little downtime, and does not feel like a booty opportunity is on the same page as when buying a loot box . Queue time is the fastest in the genre, and the gun is the result of more than 10 years of subdivision in multiple studios, and every character can play in the nearest team. Apex has built a new industry standard with impressive accessibility options and communication tools that flood with a stable, smart design.

Two years of fighting After the Royal Game was unfinished, Respawn was fully restored to his genre with a confident trend of the most popular trends in the game. Apex Legends is one of the open-ended Japanese colonies, though it requires consistent support and long-term updates to be exciting. It's a free, friendly, and consistently fun game. It is the best battle royal game available today.

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