Wednesday , December 1 2021

ASK AMY: A weakening sex life is not necessarily the norm.


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They also ask how much money I made and how much I saved for retirement.

I’m on the verge of being rude and having their own business in mind.

How can I say diplomatically that I no longer want to be asked this question and that I am rude?

— Just before blowing

Dear blow: Your neighbors obviously haven’t learned the same lessons as you. In some families, cultures and regions, this question may not be considered rude.

Politely speaking your feelings can be diplomatic: “I should have said this before, but I don’t want to talk about money or answer questions about the price of an object. I understand that I am curious, but I am uncomfortable.”

I’ll probably keep doing this because it’s the way neighbors connect with people and start conversations. After making the diplomatic statement, he smiled and said, “Remember? I don’t need money!”

You can even respond in an atypical way that interferes with the follow-up. “Haha, you guys are so curious!”

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To Amy: “Wanting to Want” did not specifically aspire to “become a partner”.

I once wore her shoes. Lived a satisfying life as a singleton.

Suddenly everyone got married, had children, and I felt like an outcast. I wondered what was “wrong” to me.

It took some time, but finally I decided to quit my desire and enjoy.

Low and behold, the next person I dated turned out to be my spouse who lasted for 30 years. Sometimes when you stop looking, an apple falls on your lap.

– Happiness

Dear Happy: Even if the apple does not fall on your lap, you can live a satisfying life.

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