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Avengers: Endgame – A new synopsis is spotlighted at Captain Marvel.

It has already been confirmed several times that Marvel Captain is by far the most powerful superhero in the Marvel movie space. It is very likely that a female superhero will play an important role in the coming years. Avengers: End games The same is true for the new synopsis of the final film of the MCU Phase III.

The new synopsis comes from the theater chain Vue. Vue refers to the struggle of the surviving avengers as they attempt to overturn the events of Thanos and the fatal events of the Infinity Wars.

"Things on the earth look bleak. After half of the population was killed by Infinite Stone, Thanos (Josh Brolin) took the mantle as the ruler of the universe and ruined the Avengers.

"Demi-god only expands the tyrannical domination unless someone can stop him, so the Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson), Tor (Chris Hessworth), Captain America (Chris Evans), Bruce Banner Mark Ruffalo) must keep the remaining members of the most powerful hero on the planet resilient. Ask Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) for service.

"Together, they must find a way to regain their conquered ally, defeat the mad Titanic or suffer from a desperate presence …

"Scarlett Johansson (Dogs Isle), Josh Brolin (Dead pool 2), Robert Downey Jr. (Spider-Man: Home), Chris Evansgenius), Chris Hemsworth (Bad times at El Royale) Star Avengers: End games, The last chapter at the pinnacle of Marble Blockbuster decade, and one that can not be missed. "

Captain Marvel's position at Endgame is expected to grow significantly, but filmmakers should be aware of the possibility of describing their personality too strongly compared to the rest. Director Joe and Anthony Russo recently discussed this issue in a conversation with Cinema Blend. It seems that two people have found their way through this obstacle.

"It is always our concern to overwhelm a person because of the personality and flaws that are related to these people."Joe said."The reason he liked to work with Captain America was limited and his mind was his superpower. So we all know seriously about the dangers of overly powerful personality. [But] We like sensitive storytelling. So … we found a thoughtful way through it.. "

Anyway, Captain Marvel Avengers: End games. Fans will enjoy her talent in an upcoming solo movie to be released on March 8.

Avengers: End games Hits the theater on April 26th.

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