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Baby born without skin, a cure that can save your life – National

Ja 'bari Gray was born on January 1, most of the skin was gone, and then he left the hospital.

A doctor at the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston was moved on Friday and was temporarily implanted with epidermolysis bullosa, a rare genetic connective tissue disease that can cause blisters and tears. Diagnosed.

His mother, Priscilla Maldonado, has since launched GoFundMe to support vast (unexpected) medical costs.

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"I was pregnant and everything was going well and my son did not gain weight, so I decided to drive me in 37 weeks," Maldonado said.

The doctors sent Maldonado to the Emergency C section. When Ja'ari arrived, he weighed only three pounds, his skin was not full, his eyes melted.

"The skin disease he has is very rare [doctor] I have seen it before and it is very difficult to treat, "said Maldonado.

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Zabari has some skin on his head and legs but no skin on his arms or trunk.

He now needs a respirator, is being treated with ointment, and frequently changing dressings to prevent infection, Malone said.

Maldonado was able to hold Ja 'bari twice.

"You have to wear a robe and wear gloves," she said. "The skin is the same, not the skin."

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Doctors do not show a positive response to epidermal hydatidosis, but Maldonado and her husband are undergoing genetic testing to ensure diagnosis.

"They are now focusing on keeping him comfortable," Maldonado said in an AP interview.

"It may take two to three weeks to get an answer. They do not want to treat my son as wrong."

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Maldonado and her husband have two other children, aged 5 and 6, who are staying with the mother of Maldonado. The couple stay in the hospital with Ja'ari (bari).

"It is difficult to work just by worrying about Zabari's health. [hoping] That [doesn’t] There is another event of. [stopped] Breathing, "Maldonado said." We have done harm to all of us. "

Doctors are planning a treatment plan for Ja 'bari, but hope to perform surgery to cut the scar tissue that fused Ja' s jaw to his chest.

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Maldonado said that she did not know how long it would be to stay at the hospital.

"Even if he withdraws, we do not know what the future is," Maldonado said.

"It is a blessing that is still fighting to live in this land every day. A big or small donation will be a great blessing to us."

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