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Blue Jays, Sanchez's deliberate effort to struggle

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Toronto – Thirty months ago, Aaron Sanchez He seemed to be on the verge of climbing into the League Elite.

It was October 2, 2016.

Before the end of the season, Sanchez had 10 strikeouts against the Baltimore Orioles and reduced his ERA to 3.06.

Sanchez had to do what Ace had to do when the Toronto Blue Jays had to win in his final 2016 event in Boston to secure a home field in the wildcard game. He went to Fenway Park and scored two hits in seven innings.

Thanks to his strong record, not only did the American League Everton see his virtue, but he also went to the second round postseason in October.

It was known to have been the beginning of a dominant California-born stretch, and many predicted that every year, Cy Young's attention was on the horizon of a lethal right-handed pitcher.

However, finger injuries began to intervene in the spring of 2017.

And as finger problems worsen over the next few months, his epidemiology has already begun to fail him with work in progress at its best time.

Sanchez is a broken pitcher who desperately and creatively tries to repair the Blue Jays' current 27-year-old team's control over the next year and a half. .

The month of June may have been a rock formation.

Sanchez, who had a 3.75 ERA in the first two months of the season, was in the worst game of the Jays starting pitcher with 12 starts ERA in six starts.

None of the numbers were cute.

During 27 innings he recorded 44 hits, 36 runs, 19 hits and 16 hits.

Sanchez's speed dropped and he accepted 1.047 OPS. Barry Bonds (Bond 's OPS) scored all of his players at 1.051.

There was no mechanical change, and Sanchez did not find an answer.

He still has.

Sanchez commented on the machine tuning, "I already hit it hard.

"We did some things in the delivery process, but actually it was not so. I want to look back and discover a little earlier, I did not have a healthy pitcher, it really took two years, it's just one of them. If you are in good mood, go out there and compete and other things will come, and that's happening. "

Internally, Jays looked in some ways for modifications.

They are still there.

"He is not as far away as I thought," said Jayce pitching coach Pete Walker. "There has been a subtle change in the delivery we have seen and we have tried to send him back, a little work in progress, clearly feeling good and physically feeling 100% or so close. If we can keep him and control the delivery problem, he thinks it can be really effective. "

Triple-A's demotion was not taken seriously because of the service time to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the right-hander's claim. According to Sanchez's veteran status, he is a minor.

If the struggle continues, the bullpen may be an option, but there is a signal that Sanchez is starting to turn around, even if his ERA is not the best indicator of a turnaround.

Sanchez was able to finish five innings in all three games in July. This was his last four, three in three games in June, and he did not finish four inning and went in the right direction.

Sanchez said after starting his first game at the All-Star Game in New York, "I've seen the ball move at that speed for the first time." "I feel like an old man, I am happy."

Seven-year pitching coach Walker, who has worked with Sanchez, thinks finger problems are not a problem at this point. It's important to sync everything else.

Walker said, "I think physically and honestly, he has long talent." "We hope that the adjustments we can make in his delivery can stay to get there.

"I think he has both lower halves and he has stepped out with some physical problems, and when he can get more of his hind legs where he gets more power, he gets more power in his delivery process It's the most important thing right now, it's true that the changes from 2016 to the present are clearly visible, but it is a matter of letting him feel him again and doing what he did, his driving bridge, his landing point. I'm finished. [pitches] Tempo and delivery, and his explosive. It was a challenge, but it's easy to get better. "

However, finger problems will always remain in the background.

Blister could have reappeared at any point, but in September his procedure was to treat the UCL ligament with his right index finger, while his agent, Scott Boras, was at best experimental.

Walker said, "There were physical limitations and problems." It was a difficult time to overcome because there was a physical problem between the fist and surgical fingers. Obviously it affected his birth. If you do not get the ball to do what you can, or you need to do it or get used to it, it becomes a problem. When your delivery starts to stagger because of it, it is an important issue. "

Walking is often the culprit and not a new problem.

This year he announced 59 free passes in 102 innings, far from 3.0 BB / 9 in 2016. However, this is not a new problem since his BB / 9 is 5.0 during the 385 minor league innings.

Then there is speed.

Sanchez's sinker was his best, but the average speed of the pitch fell from 95.5 mph in 2016 to 94.3 mph this season, resulting in a blow.

"I do not know, but I think he can get it back," manager Charlie Montoyo said when asked how Sanchez found the speed he lost.

Because there are no other spinning options to turn around, Montoyo has little choice but to work through Sanchez's struggles.

"He feels healthy, so he knows he does not order his pitch," Montoya said. "If he does, he knows he'll be okay, because he knows he's pitching behind the count and everything, and we all look at it and if he does it in the big leagues he will not pitch or hit five innings."

As the season began, Jays and Sanchez Marcus Stromman It will be good enough to entice competitors to advance the trade deadline on July 31.

I do not have one.

But Sanchez's arm talent still exists, and teams trying to score low in landfill projects that are able to help in a shorter time in the bullpen are sniffing around.

Jays does not want to sell the lower rotation option while starting team control for a year.

This winter, Jays will reverse all buy-low rotation options in the trade and free-agent markets, but the best of the cohorts already owns.

There is no plan for Sanchez here.

Victory and loss are not important for the next two months, but this landfill project may be possible.

I want my fingers crossed and I want something to be clicked at some point in 2020 before both sides can click on it in some way.

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