Monday , February 6 2023

BMW's new S 1000 RR motorcycle gets power and technology and loses googly eyes.


Ten years ago, BMW blew up the world of mass motorcycles with the company's first purebred super sports S 1000 RR designed to drive the racing world into storms. Now, in 10 years, a new S 1000 RR has emerged. We are looking again at the competition.

The S 1000 RR is BMW's top-shelf performance motorcycle, and in 2019 it adds 207 horsepower to 8 hp and weighs 22 pounds for a dry weight of 426 pounds.

At the very least, you are assuming you are using the new M package. Motorports-minded monikers are inherited from the company's road vehicles (like iconic BMW M3), The new M package provides lightweight carbon fiber wheels and lighter weight batteries and more massive suspension management.

If you add the M package to a new bike, so-called Pro mode is also turned off, which is a series of expansion settings for the integrated ride mode of the bike. This mode, which includes Rain, Road, Dynamic and Race, adjusts everything from traction and wheel controls to ABS and throttle curves to provide as comfortable or opaque response as you want. In Pro mode, the rider can adjust engine braking, so you can create three custom profiles that you need every single day of your track.

BMW S 1000 RR

The futuristic new dash is only the most visible of numerous technical modifications.


The bike's system reads a new six-axis accelerometer and gyro system that ensures that a variety of traction and braking control systems are constantly optimized for the conditions. There is even an integrated foot speed limiter and fire control.

But it's not all about racing. The optional adaptive suspension provides a riding comfort, while the delicate parts such as the hill start control and cruise control must be suitably passable touring machines. Ergonomics have been improved due to the narrow frame and fuel tank.

When the new S 1000 RR is available or you do not know how much it will cost, do not expect the starting price to go too far away from the outwardly ridiculous 2019 S 1000 RR of $ 15,995. However, if you want a full-fat M version, you will definitely be looking north of $ 20,000.

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