Wednesday , September 28 2022

Boston Celtics' 'Marcus Smart': A win on a par with the Phoenix Suns should be the morning call.


PHOENIX – The possibility of the Boston Celtics winning the Phoenix Suns will not be as difficult as the Celtics did.

That's why the Celtics' Marcus Smart was happy to win the title, but thanks to Kerry Irving's outstanding performance, after the extra time to play the rules and move back and forth, the reporter was tied to the top of the lottery, 20 points behind the first two games A quarter of them were not ideal considering the comeback that followed.

"Asked if Thursday's game is going to wake up, Smart said," We'll see tomorrow (in Utah). "

It was a little unclear where the game started to get out of Boston in the beginning. At the stand, the Celtics seemed to miss the shot, and then it took more than two quarters to get out of the punk. A poor offense made it difficult to defend and everything was poured in until the Suns got 20 more leads.

"Sometimes it's too cool and hard," said Jaylen Brown. "We have a lot of talented players and easy to play, so sometimes we forget why we started and how we get here, we have to play like hungry.

The lack of fire was particularly angry for the Smart team. The Smart team said they knew what the team was when they clicked.

"It frustrates everyone." I think I'm talking for everyone, frustrating all of us. We all know we can frustrate all of us. It is sad to take such a thing for us to do so. We should start ourselves early and know how to get yourself into trouble. …

"We have seen what we can do, what we can do when we are locked, and frustration when we see it." "I feel frustrated to sit on the bench and see them, the energy over there. I tried to tell a little tune that I could take anything to do. "

The Celtics were out of the initial struggle because they were facing the worst offensive team, Suns, with the fourth worst defender. When Boston began to push, Sun began to freeze and tried to eat the clock. Devin Booker did what he could to get away from Boston (almost enough), but he made a dramatic victory as he advanced to extra time in a game against Marcus Morris.

The same thing may not happen in Utah or Portland, where Celtics ends Utah. Boston did not get out of the gap with the Denver Nuggets and Indiana Pacers, and despite the confidence of Kyrie Irving, the team will get better as the season progresses.

Last year's Celtics built an identity for late compilation, and Thursday's game felt familiar. But rallies are not a real way to create sustainable competitors.

"We should not drop 20 or 25 points to get the best basketball." "A great team, from start to finish, for 48 minutes, and we have to reach it."

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