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Canadian soldiers had a Christmas dinner at the port where Hitler wanted at all costs. They took it two days later – National

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had an important anniversary when he visited Canadian soldiers who carried out peacekeeping missions in Mali last week.

This was not just a vacation visit. It was the 75th anniversary of Christmas dinner at Ortona, where Canadians fought to keep the towns that Adolf Hitler wanted at "all expenses".

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In December 1943, the Allies arrived in Ortona, the historic Italian port of the Adriatic Sea.

The Italian army invaded Italy five months ago and found that the Canadian army, including the Seaforth Highlanders and Loyal Edmonton regiments, faced Nazi elite paratroopers as described by Veterans Affairs.

Canadians wanted to be able to take a day to the village. It lasted for a month.

B Company, Seaforth Highlanders of Canada must follow a narrow two-mile footpath along the hilly Adriatic coast when the Allies advance in Italy during World War II.

Ministry of National Defense photos

Canadians first met Germans on the Morro River. It was the wetest in a month.

River basins rose eight feet and forced soldiers to trudge through the mud, avoiding enemy fire.

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They arrived in Ortona on December 20th. The Nazis climbed a narrow alleyway that left space for a single highway to accommodate the tank.

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And there they fought – a Canadian tank flew out of the street while a sniper and machine gun operator rained down into trash as a unit in the building's strategic location.

Canadians will innovate a strategy known as "mouseholing." This strategy charges the walls of a house, bombing it, and avoiding distance.

They used tactics to lay down the enemy.

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Christmas came five days later and the Seaforth Highlanders sold it to the bombed church, Santa Maria di Constantinopoli.

From there we ate a homemade meal made with pork, mashed potatoes, cauliflower, nuts, broth and apple sauce.

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In the Christmas message, Trudeau stood with Canadians and asked for help.

The soldiers came back from the front, lay down their weapons and ate Christmas carols.

Other soldiers could not move forward.

Soon the fighting resumed, and the Germans withdrew from Ortona two days later.

The Battle of Ortona killed 213 Canadians during Christmas week, known as "Bloody December".

The anniversary left Trudeau in a reflexive atmosphere when he talked to the peacekeepers. Now it is at the forefront of the conflict in Mali.

"It is really important that we serve and stop, why we serve, and the idea of ​​remembering or reflecting our family back home," he said.

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