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Canucks fails to protect Michael DiPietro in his early debut


Vancouver – Vancouver Canucks set up Michael DiPietro to fail, and, on Monday night, he made it in his premier National Hockey League debut.

The 19-year-old goalkeeper, who fired an emergency call at the Ontario Hockey League last week, entered the NHL, reporting that Kanu's goalkeeper Jakob Markstrom felt pressure on Lower Body on Monday morning.

The idea of ​​a back-up goalkeeper on the knee during a pre-game preparation in Philadelphia on Thursday was that Canucks was able to bring in DiPietro, and in the third round draft pick in 2017 he practiced with NHL players and played Canucks Mark Strom Ian Clark, goalkeeper coach.

And for the two weeks Demko misses, Canucks general manager Jim Benning and his staff continue to look for an inexpensive "proper" third goalkeeper to get into the organization. They never found it.

DiPietro defeated San Jose Shark 7-2, the first NHL start.

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Canucks veteran minor league goalkeeper Richard Bachmann suffered a season-ending Achilles injury with Utica Comets on Dec. 21. And a few days after Mike McKenna took over from Senator Ottawa on January 4th, Mike McKenna exchanged Canucks with the NHL backup Anders Nilsson, a Philadelphia flyer. Nilsson was moved to make a room at the NHL for Demko.

During the 31 days between losing McKenna and Demko, Canucks found another goalkeeper but did not acquire or sign it. They have former NHLer Michael Leighton as a minor in a professional exam.

So DiPietro literally threw it to the shark.

Team Canada's world-renowned junior championship-winning pitcher, the talented and promising Di Pietro, is not ready to start the game at the NHL. It is not nearly 19 years old. It is not a goal.

DiPietro scored the NHL before he got the NHL. Sharks, one of the top scorers in the league, scored the third in the top five.

"Every time I make five consecutive wins three times, that's not the ideal start," Di Pietro told a news conference. That's what I kept saying. & # 39; I have to be ready. & # 39; mentally challenging, but this game should prepare everything you throw at you.

"A little bit of adversity is happening, but it's okay, because I can definitely learn to improve my game and improve myself."

In the second half DiPietro improved his save percentage to 0.6 shots and allowed 6 goals in 15 shots.

The two San Jose goals came from a bias that came from a fierce defense in front of Di Pietro. So the Ottawa goalkeeper was lucky and did not have much help. However, he also seemed too crude to be familiar with NHL speed and puck movements, and even the fourth liner at this level was able to release the puck quickly and quickly.

Veteran J. Beagle said, "Our start is up to us." We had to do better. Especially I do not want to start with the person who starts the first NHL game.

"If you come in and play, you'll want to make sure you do not feel the first NHL game, but let them feel the puck, lock your defense and keep it calm, your first goal (after 64 seconds) and you can not do that. That's not how you start the game. Write it on my phone. "

Beagle and wingers Loui Eriksson and Tyler Motte showed a triangle on the low angle, and Timo Meier changed the path for Logan Courttou to 1-0. At the next goal, 3:22, Evander Cain's innocuous flip flop was tapped by canoe defender Ben Hutton and blocked by Di Pirotro. MELKER KARLSENS missed Brent Burns' point shot four minutes before San Jose goalkeeper Martin Jones had to be saved in 8 minutes 48 seconds. So it went.

"We certainly were not good enough in front of him." Bouck of Canucks said about DiPietro. "We had to defend him especially early," said the young goalkeeper, who can not stand 8-0 in the first five or ten minutes of the first NHL game.

DiPietro blamed "it is not them". "It's falling on me too, I have to be better, they get along well with me and make me feel good, these guys, you want to play for them, I appreciate everything they did."

DiPietro is difficult to see the benefits gained through this experience. It is more difficult for Canucks executives to imagine continuing this. Benning should find another goalkeeper unless Markstrom reports on Tuesday that he is working with somebody's lively and fierce Viagra ads.

And although Markstrom, who sat on the bench on Monday but did not play in any circumstances, would have been happy to have a back-to-back match against Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings due to his unspecified injury. Started Wednesday?

Canucks, including Saturday's Shark Tank visit, is playing three games a night in California and is desperate to cling to the Western Conference play-off game, which no one expected to be in Vancouver. Demko is not expected to be available for any of these games. .

When the player does not need to start the Canucks game, Benning has refused to transfer assets to the third or fourth string goal kits of the other team. But an unsigned goalkeeper like Leighton is a bit of money, but money is paid in two-way trade.

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