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Carcone has a game of his life with the Toronto Marlies tie playoff series.

Sometimes it takes a little magic to get around a period, game or series.

The Toronto Marlins had another sluggish performance in Game 4 on Tuesday night with a fierce defeat at home. It was not a good start, but Marlies was overall an out-of-line winger, Michael Carcone, hot all night and put the team behind his back. Four key points, including three goals and an overtime winner who gave Marlies a 4-3 win, tied the Eastern Conference Final 2-2.

Carcone was a simple biography. He was fast and intense when he wanted another team's puck. And when he attacked it, it was fast and explosive. He showed all the reasons why he should be an NHL prospect, and at the age of 23 I did not see why he did not. Carcone led the Marlies in six shots. (Checkers' Morgan Geekie won him seven.)

Kasimir Kaskisuo on the net was not perfect, but he was in good mood and drove his team away all night. He never escaped them. This is what can happen during a continuous loss. Kaskisuo blocked 29 of 32 games and saved .906 at night. He barely gave up one goal.


Keefe decided to stick with the progress of Game 4. Mac Hollowell and Jesper Lindgren continued to spin. He also chose to keep Kasimir Kaskisuo in the net despite playing Michael Hutchinson in the third period of Game 3.


Michael Carcone – Chris Mueller – Jeremy Bracco

Mason March – Adam Brooks – Trevor Moore

Dmytro Timashov – Pierre Engvall – Egor Korshkov

Nicolas Baptiste – Colin Greening – Josh Jooris


Callazogen-thymosyl lysine

Vincent Loverde

Rasmus Sandin – Jasper Lindgren


Casimir Khaskisso

Michael Hutchinson


First period

Marlies had a good response. Marlies felt the inevitable need to show that they soon turned the tide in the series. At 5V5, the Marlies were still unable to reach up to the front of the net and often had to shoot at or from a bad angle. Nic Baptiste was one of the players who broke the mold in those days. He initially scored two goals and two goals came between hash marks after catching the chance at scoring. The fourth line was one of the only bright spots in Game 3, and Marlies was able to get some momentum during this period because he was able to adapt well to less competition.

Oh, I must mention that I have tracked the opportunity in the first period in my position in the press. In the 5v5, Marlies and Checkers were tied in 4-4, where Checkers appeared to consistently arrive at the slot more than Marlies. In the special team, both teams had only one chance, but Marliz had three opportunities in power play. Charlotte scored 9-10 in favor of Toronto and finished 8-5.


Marlies' game opening goal was at the end of a power play called Dan Renouf. Engvall and Brooks pulled out the puck after the last shot and brought it to Carcone. His shot seemed to hit one of Josiah Didier or Marchment before entering. Marchment felt better when he woke up, but he might have been a different man.

The second period

If the first period is even, the second period is not very important. The Marlies scored a short-handed goal behind Kaskisuo's free-of-charge net, and the Checkers went 5-10. Although there were four penalties during the period (surprisingly two), Marlies did not run three minutes with the extra player, and the Checkers took several dangerous opportunities in the distance. Carcone and Martin Geekie showed four shots each with two points each.


Checker recovered the opportunity by attacking Karski at the back of the net by Jacques Nastasiouk. Nicolas Roy was a gift recipient and scored a hole through the bridge between Kaskisuo.

Third period

It was slow, but Marlies woke up after the regulations ended with overtime. They started to skate better and started to catch more puck in neutral. It was a big problem since Game 2. They showed up quickly and were not afraid that the puck turned magically into sweet potatoes over time.

The two goals of the Checkers were almost the same: only four Marlies on the right wing (with a penalty in 4v4) were shot. Kaskisuo was once again strong in the net and did not miss the opportunity to experience more changes, especially in the 2-3s.


Jesper Sellgren pitched the puck a long way away after the Carolina Hurricanes scored a fine goal from the right wing after finishing the play-off mid-Europe in the sixth round pick in 2018. Although the Marlies were a bit passive in their own area, it was just an unpleasant shot.


1-2 Goals came in at that time and got energy from Coca Cola Coliseum. Carcone got on the ice and Lindgren scored his second goal and scored one goal. Carcone was with his forechecking in every game of Checheers and was one of the few Marlies who actually pressed them in error. Certainly proven to be beneficial.


However, less than three minutes later, Checker got his goal at Powerplay. This goal looked similar to the second goal of the game. It came from the same spot and ended up hitting the same part of the net.But the only difference is that Rossky made it hard for him all hard in Kaskisuo's kitchen to see the puck.


Bracco, of course, broke through the pass under the goal and finished the game and skated. It is the largest Bracco. In the post game, the second-year pro tried to convince the reporter that he would shoot it, but he could not deceive anyone.

Outside of time

Marlies looks great in the first and only time out. Jasper Lindgren did not play all of a sudden, worked in all three areas, ducked out of trouble, and pushed out of the area, allowing his teammates to change. It was a completely different player from the one who was lost in the confusion of regulation, and he was a very anticipated player.

The Marlies gradually improved in the third period and over time they controlled their play more often than they played. They beat the checkers 5-0 at 7:29 before Carcone won the game. If Marlies can take advantage of the energy he showed in the second half of this game, you can actually win this series.


Nobody plays a game of life and does not score 5 holes in overtime winner. Liljegren got the only help for the OT winner thanks to his refusal to enter the zone in blueline. This is one of the skills Liljegren has really improved this season. He was much smarter about the stick and / or the time and place to wait. The decision-making skills have really helped him turn into a spin as he did early.

When Liljegren stopped dashing in one direction, Carcone picked up the pieces, took the puck, and started skating. Mueller was with him, but because he was covered, Carcone supported a defender who was hiding him at his speed before suddenly stopping. And then ripped his sixth shot through the fifth hole at the right faceoff point.


Head coach Sheldon Keefe was not happy with the team play for the first two seasons. Then the second Carcone goal came and brought all the life back to the team and boosted the last stretch of the game. Keefe praised the speed of his team. Especially about the only effect that would make it overnight. In addition to the obvious in Carcone, Keefe really liked the speed of play that the Engvall line brought with Korshkov and Timashov.

Although Korshkov was slow to move to North American games, he thought he would not expect him in the NHL next year, but he repeated three impressive shifts. I could not do anything with the time and space I created because I was surrounded by everyone in the attack area but no one was around. There is something very promising with this prospect. It will take longer than Mike Babcock.

Six in Game was an interesting video. It was a funny video, especially since neither team was able to do anything in the area of ​​attack and looked at all the boring stuff in the game for a long time. Except when the dam broke down during the first 9 minutes of the third night, it was a friction war for many nights.

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