Thursday , August 5 2021

Congo to postpone Sunday elections in Ebola John for months

The election commission (CIA) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo said the long-delayed elections will be postponed for several months in Congo, which is scheduled to be postponed Wednesday in a specific community affected by the Ebola virus on Wednesday.

According to the committee's statement, Umi in the North Kibo provinces of Beni, Butembo and Mai-Nombe will be running for elections in March. The election results of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have long been published on January 15.

The Congo election has been postponed for more than two years. Opposition parties have long said that they will no longer postpone voting to elect Joseph Kabila's successor. The election was already pushed down from December 23 to Sunday after the vote was destroyed by fire in the capital Kinshasa.

The eastern part of the Congo, where Ebola's disease has been the second security in history, faces a fatal attack by rebel groups. This insecurity hurts efforts to prevent the onset of Ebola. Ebola has been identified since August 1, when 583 viruses were found and over 300 deaths have been identified.

The Election Commission mentioned anxiety about the latest delay. According to the Congolese Ministry of Health, Yumbi had no Ebola cases, but all the election data was destroyed when massive population movements and local offices were plundered on December 14-15, a fatal event. The statement did not reveal who would blame.

Benny, who has killed more than 1,500 rebels in the last four years, is expected to be more frustrated by the new delay. While the region has voted for Kabila in past elections, the anger of the government is continuing to become unstable.

The elections in Ebola province complicate the process, but authorities say they are preparing to vote by placing a large amount of hand sanitizer at polling stations where candidates can be selected using the touch screen at the polling place. Ebola is transmitted through the body fluids of infected people.

Authorities also said people entering the polling place will suffer from fever.

Over 52,000 people in the region have received experimental but promising Ebola vaccines.

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