Saturday , May 15 2021

Daniel Bryan, Hemp WWE Title Change Announced, Jeff Hardy's DQ Showdown

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan received a warm embrace from his fans in front of his home Washington crowd. So he talked about how Washington filled the people who recognized the need for change and accepted the positive response.

He mentioned his next match at the WWE Elimination Chamber by saying that hope could be found in his new hemp titles. "This is a symbol of excellence," said the champion. "This title is a symbol of change!" He continued saying that the other side was trying to get back to the old leather belt against the change.

One person who did not like Bryan's words was former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy. He said he still had a scar to fight an old belt and that the change was rude. The two must resolve the difference in the ring to the main event, SmackDown Live.

The bout was a competitive relationship with all of the two moments. The reigning champion spent a lot of time breaking Hardy's body. However, Hardy never fought and continued to fight.

Hardy finally got the chance to hit the stunton bomb. It seemed he was going to get pinfall, but Erick Rowan interrupted and caused disqualification. Then, when all eight of the hell boardroom participants started arguing with each other to end the show all the hell would be released.

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