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Epic chaos continues as Borderlands 3 is removed from the epic mega sale

We have reported that the first sales of the Epic Games store have been chaotic overall since yesterday at the request of developers and publishers like Ubisoft, Paradox Interactive, and Klei Entertainment. Now the gearbox software Borderlands 3 Pre-order, with or without discount, is no longer available. If you Borderlands 3 The page on the Epic Games Store now says "Coming Soon", which was offered at a discount of $ 49.99 when you originally signed the contract. .

An Epic Games spokesperson said we should discuss this issue with the publisher, which was different from other cases where game sales were discontinued. Developers who have decided to start the game on Epic Mega Sale will be the first to include Paradox Interactive Vampire: Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, The game page is no longer available.. Klei Entertainment pulls to the next Does not contain oxygen, And now on the game page. You also can not browse these games through the Epic Games client.

It does not seem to be a cross-platform issue for it. Borderlands 3 You can pre-order from the console.

Our original articles on the rapidly changing pricing and overall case of the game have been updated to reflect the publisher and developer statements. Epic Games released a very public statement on Twitter this afternoon.

We have received additional information on Gearbox Games and 2K comments and reasons. Borderlands 3 You can no longer order from the Epic Games Store and will update when you find out more.

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