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Fans supporting Calgary's Stampeders

Darcie Cooper and his friends will be supporting Calgary Stampeders at the Gray Cup in Schanks North, Calgary on Sunday, November 25, 2018.

Darren MacWeek / Post Media

Calgarians cheered the team to win the gray cup on Sunday evening in the Stampeders uniform.

This year's game is much closer to Ontario's two previous championship games, but longtime fans who did not get the final tickets sold out in Edmonton decided to join the party at the Calgary Bar and Restaurant.

At home and away from 17th Avenue S.W., Jonathan Stoddart and his group of friends booked attractions in front of a big screen sports bar. He said the team will win against Ottawa Red Black this year after suffering a heartbreaking loss to the stamps at the 2016 and 2017 championships.

"We knew we would win today, so we decided to collect the crew," he said.

Fans throughout the room jumped into cheers and whistles as the clock broke in the fourth quarter and jumped as the stamp claimed the CFL title.

Amanda Dillabough was excited when she saw the team win.

"I was in the Toronto Gray Cup and I am pleased that they have won this tournament," he said. "They worked so hard, our city is proud of the team."

Dillabough said Sunday's victory "fully recovered" the overtime loss for Redblacks two years ago in Toronto.

"I have been going to play games with my dad since childhood," he said. "We are season ticket holders and we will help the team."

Since joining Calgary 19 years ago, Stamps fan Stoddart called the team "the dominant power."

"Every year they seem to be mixed up," he said. "They have lost two of their last two Grace Cups, but they can not go on for three consecutive years without a solid organization and a good team."

His wife and their seven-month-old Ian Choveaux were among the fans cheering home and away from the stamps. Choveaux said his son wearing a headphone wearing earplugs and a minimalist fit that commemorated the Calgary fireworks seemed to like it when the crowd burst into excitement, like a record touchdown to end the first half of the game.

"It was the longest punt return in the history of Gray Cup and it was a pretty big game," he said.

Stamps fans who have won the tournament with their third Gray Cup appearance are already ahead of next year's competition at McMahon Stadium's home stadium.

"We have to make sure that Bo Levi (Mitchell) is wearing a red uniform," Stoddart said.

Public rallies to celebrate the Stamps Championship are planned on Tuesday (from noon to 1 pm at the Municipal Plaza).

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